The Sun

Sunday Confessionals: The Sun

A fiery sunset
days end

A wily sun
days end

The final moments
days end

5 Minutes Ago – 25 March

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #93

I took these photos a bit later this morning. The sun is just above the horizon and blazing through the trees.

The wispy clouds sit atop a bank of heavier clouds below.

The sun is moving further north and the Eucalypts only have a bit of sun

A blaze of light coming through the trees

Five Minutes Ago – 19 February

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #88

I am being more haphazard in my taking photos from the small deck. This morning I should have taken the early morning yellow sky but didn’t think until I saw Hammad had posted this morning (my time)

The sun is just through the trees with spreading clouds. As I write the cloud cover is almost 80%

As the rising sun colours the Eucalypts against a blue sky. This blue has now disappeared. The clouds moved in very quickly. I hope it may rain as the garden needs a good soak

5 Minutes Ago – 8 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #84

Here we go with another lot of weekend skies from my usual photo spot. Still a hint of cloud and rain about. Yesterday was 29C and today will be much the same with high humidity.

I think this is an appropriate song to start 2023’s Weekend Sky.

Light wafting clouds slowly coming over with some heavier clouds on the horizon

The sky and clouds to the north still have a bit of morning sun’s colour

Trying to get down to horizon level as a golden sun was trying to peek through the clouds

5 Minutes Ago – 4 December

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #81

Another late start for me to get early morning skies for Hammad’s challenge. This week the sun is higher in the sky than last week. More clear blue skies so I hope it won’t be too hot as I have stuff to do today.

The morning sun is almost above the trees today

Time for a bit of morning sun

You can even more of the Eucalypts and the Hoop Pine as the morning sun bathes the leaves

5 Minutes Ago – 12 November

Hammad’s Weekend Sky #78

I am a bit late in getting a sunrise photo. It wasn’t anything colourful or wonderful but now the sun is up a bit further through the trees and it’s a blue sky. Here is your song and enjoy your weekend.

Sunshine through the trees

The Sun is really illuminating the Eucalypts this morning