At home at night

Johns Cellpic Sunday

Seeing the successful reaction from people for my night scene at the marina, I thought I would give another one a showing. Another surprise from my phones camera.

This is my home, just a few lights and the moon. The surprise for me were the stars. The photo has not been altered or enhanced.

Attempting quaint charm

John’s Cellpic Sunday

It was too far to drive
a motel
just had to stop
find a meal
find a bed
a shower hot
and delicious
everything was fine
everything was quaint
the bathroom
the flowers
added a certain

Cee’s FOTD

Margaret’s hat

John’s Cellpic Sunday

This Margaret Olley’s hat

Margaret Olley was a famous Australian artist. When she died, her house and contents were carefully recreated in the Tweed Art Gallery, even as you can see in the above photo, cigarette butts in an ashtray.

Here are a few views from inside of her house in the gallery. Have a peek through the windows