Shades of Grafton #20 – The New Style

Ludwigs Monday Window

This episode is all about the shades that probably replaced the original ones when the windows were replaced. They are mostly aluminum and some are able to be opened or closed or is that up or down, anyway let’s see what’s on offer.

A very smart new renovation. By the looks of the one on the left, these can be adjusted.

Maybe these were replaced when the roof was done

I really like this one. The colours of the repaint and the clean lines.

Looks like the same salesman sold the same style a few houses down,

A bit of a scrub would have made this shade and house look quite lovely.

These would have to be my favourites. The house colour and shape of the shades really make them

This is the only brick house I found that has window shades. They are adjustable and roll up.
Not made of aluminum but a shade cloth. There are some new shade cloth shades appearing that I may try and photograph sometime.

Peace in the garden

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #239: Finding Peace
Cee’s FOTD
XingfuMama’s Whatsoever is Lovely

This morning was the time to be out in the garden. While I was out I noticed some new flowers and things growing.

The miniature Hibiscus has been flowering like crazy over the past four or so weeks. The flowers are a deep red but I found this flower with a bit of a splash of white

The Cunjevoi Lily plants mainly grow near waterways. I had one and now I have lots in the garden. They have large leaves about 1 metre long sort of like Elephant Ears plants. There isn’t a flower, the pod just opens to reveal red seeds.
No parts of this plant should ever be eaten as all parts contain oxalates which will cause severe irritation, swelling and pain to the mouth

I love finding a different colour Dianthus among the others in the garden

The stand out, can’t miss me are the Golden Lycras throwing bright dots of yellow/orange throughout the garden

By 11am it was getting hotter, so it was time to retreat inside. (yay for a triple dip)

From some other place

Terri’s Sunday Stills: Out of This #World

So much of what I see and find could be out of this world. What do you think?

Here is a quick selection.

Some flowers have another world feel to them like this Lilli Pilli flower.

Reflections on water give the ordinary something else

or give a ghostly image

The insect world always is otherworldly

A hatching Cicada is even stranger that the cicada or shell it leaves behind

Caterpillars are so weird as they munch their way through their short lives. This caterpillar one day will be a beautiful Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly

A tiny Jewel Spider is one of the most amazing looking spiders on my place. It is around 10-15mm

Another jewel, the beauty of the Common Crow Butterfly chrysalis

The amazing structure and colours of Dragonflies lovely to see zooming about but up close they are so different

Of course fungi are the most strange and out of this world plants I could have done a whole post just on fungi. Finger Fungi are the most weird

Truly out of this world

Congratulations, you have just scrolled through the bushboys world post number 5,000!!!

This made me look at my stats which I haven’t for ages. Thank you to the 2,330 people who follow my blog, I didn’t realise there were that many but we know that the number of real bloggers and people is much less.

From 2014 with 4,372 views, 77 likes and 25 comments to 2022 with 74,645 views, 45,687 likes and 19,953 comments

For those who may want to go back in time, here is post number one. I don’t know why the stats for 2012 & 2013 aren’t there maybe there’s a ten year limit on stats??

This Weeks Spam – 6 March

Fandangos Spam Comment of the Week – Week 9

I am almost devastated. My spam has almost dried up. This week only one….yes ONE

The one that landed in my Spam from Kathy Brown from was one of mixed messages on my post “Someone is watching”

Hi Denzil, – OK got my name wrong for a start

I’m curious about the eyes of the White-banded Noctuid Moth. Can you tell me more about it?
It does make me happy if people want to know more when I post nature photos

Very polite

doesn’t seem to remember that her initials are KB unless the “A” stands from asshole spammer

I am sure Kathy is watching me as her website is for a weight loss product that will give me a “healthy glow” and “burn that stubborn fat” not sure I want to drop three dress sizes in thirty days though