Todays squares are pink

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Past Squares
Terri’s Sunday Stills: The #Pink Side of October
Cee’s FOTD

Let’s go pink with Becky, Terri and Cee. Mostly #PastSquares but has a few others as well

Perspective #13

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Square Perspective

Due to a few requests, I would like you to meet Patch.

Hi everyone, my name is Patch. I know I look young for my age but I am around forty years old. I had a young friend who I still see occasionally and went to lots of places together. I have press-studs on my hands for hanging on to things. One day a puppy came to live in the household and I sustained a serious amount of damage. Puppies have sharp teeth. Subsequently I ended up in a dark place for a few years with balls of wool and cotton reels with no one to talk to.

I underwent major surgery where jacket pants arms legs and body were stitched back together. Now I am sitting on the shelf with other friends to talk to. It’s a good life.

I like this song, it’s about rabbits

A few rectangles and squares

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Rectangles and Squares
Some bricks180510_odd balls_bricks
Part of an old childs puzzle180328_toy blocks_named
The old fire door in an alley in Lismorefurnace door_named_lismore_march 2017
Lots of tiles180316_square march_tiled floor01
A door in Italy181020_blog challenge_door_genoa

The new footpath in Lismore
A window in my house180331_square march_my window
The Square at the foot of the Spanish Steps – Piazza di Spagna – in Rome190711_blog_challenge_street_photography_rome1
And a Square-tailed Kite to finishsquare-tailed-kite01_named_home_nov-2016