Life of a Frangipanni Flower

Welcome to number fifteen in the series looking at what happens to the flowers in my garden.

Not as much of a range of the flowers life as I did forget to take some flowers and then it became rather hot or very wet so the flowers either dropped to the ground or didn’t seem to open before doing so.

Earlier I didn’t think that the tree was going to get leaves, which arrive prior to the flowers, and the flowers tried to get buds and open but the conditions this year just didn’t seem to be right for a good flowering.

The leaves appearing in the end of the branch. The red colouring early on in the growth is quite lovely

The early flower buds were a mix of colours which I hadn’t noticed in previous years. I have a couple of varieties and the red one looks so different. At first going though the photos I thought this was a red versions buds

As you can see the flowers opened to the white and a tinge of pink with a yellow centre

Frangipannis do like to have a gradual flower opening as well

When there is a lot of flowers the scent in the air in the evening is so good

The range of colours, however subtle, on the one tree is quite amazing

They do look quite different on some branches

Today was a rainy day and I wanted to get a photo of the last flowers. I also would have like to see insects on the flowers but hadn’t found any until this afternoon. Can you see the tiny Green Crab Spider sheltering from the rain under the lip of the flower?

It was so hard to get a good photo for you

While I was trying to photograph the spider, an Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly can drifting past. I wondered where it had gone.

The difference in the flowers on the one tree is quite amazing. These flowers have more pink on the petals that others.

The flowers are at their end. One dropped and has been caught on the leaves

The last flower with a dead flower and leftover stalks. I am not sure whether the last two what I think are buds will open

The tree in the garden

Also for Cee’s FOTD and Brens Floral Friday

A joy to hear

Todays Prompt: Sing
Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday: Wonderment

A wonderment
horizon and sun
colours ablaze

the gullies
low at first

I had never had Whipbirds at my place until after the fire that caused so much devastation across the whole Clarence Valley in 2019. My place was a little oasis where I fed and watered as many birds and animals who came to see what was on offer. I was hoping the Whipbirds would stay and they have. They even came into the garden after a while as they are shy birds and know how to hide.

Have a listen to a Whipbird singing.

Recording from Graham Chapman