What’s in a name

Today’s Prompt: Bookmark

I was at my mates place sitting in the loungeroom watching a bit of sport on the TV. His son was engrossed in a book, curled up on a big sofa chair.

My mate said “Do you want another beer?”
“Sure'” I said
He said to his son, “Do you want anything?”
“Can you get me a bookmark.”

“After ten years,” my mate said to me, “you would think he knows that my name is Dave.”

On a tree

Today’s Prompt: Squiggles

The tree is called a Scribbly Gum. How do the “scribbles” get onto the tree I hear you ask? Well, the female Scribbly Gum Moth lays eggs between layers of old and new bark. The larvae burrow into the new bark and, as the old bark falls away, the feeding trails of the larva are revealed.

The two most common scribbles are zigzag patterns, always doubling back on each other, and sine waves. 

Next time, you see a scribbles on a eucalypt stand back and appreciate the handy work of one of Australia‚Äôs first bush “artists.”