Take a gander at this

Your Daily Word Prompt: #Gander


Take a what at what?



Am I looking in the right direction?

Do you think I can see it from here?

What are we looking at?

Oh a gander at a Gander…why didn’t you say

Be careful out there

The Daily Word Prompt: Caution

Things you could encounter around my place so be cautious when walking around or even just sitting. Click on the images if you dare

This post is also a test run to see if WP have sorted out the photo “problems” I encountered previously


The Daily Word Prompt: Anchor

I found this anchor on the headland at Evans Head. It dates from around 1900 according to the plaque. I should have paid more attention to what was written, alas I did not. The anchor doesn’t come from a named vessel as it was found by fishermen caught in their nets. It is quite rusty which was the appeal.

20200316_blog challenge_dwp_anchor_evans head


The Daily Word Prompt January 6: Thirst

As this drought drags on I have been putting out water for the birds (I always have had bird baths and water for birds)  and animals. Since the fires have ravaged my property I have also been putting out Macropod food for the Wallabies and any other marsupial who cruises through. The food is dry so they need a water source nearby to quench their thirst.
An Olive-backed Oriel enjoys a drinkolive-backed oriel_bird bath_garden_fire_durranbah_dec 2019
A Pied Currawong dropped by to quench his thirstpied currawong_bird bath_garden_named_home_jackadgery_dec 2019
A drink and a bath was needed by a couple of Rainbow Lorikeetsrainbow_lorikeets_bird_bath_fun_splash2_named_caniaba_oct 2019
The Crimson Rosellas lined up to take their turncrimson rosellas_bird bath_water_garden_named_home_jackadgery_dec 2019
A King Parrot really enjoyed his drinkking parrot_drinking_hanging pot_garden_fire_durranbah_dec 2019
A Red-necked Wallaby and her Joey found the bucket of water after they had a snackred-necked walabies_joey_bucket_water_named_home_jackadgery_dec 2019
The Big Bloke, the boss of the garden, licked his lips after a drink 20200106_blog challenge_thirst_wallaby_bucket_drink_thirst


The Sacred Kingfisher

Daily Word Prompt: Impulse
January Photo a Day Challenge 2nd: New

This is the last photo I took today on my SD Card. An impulse post and new image post. It is unedited (except for my copyright) As an additional challenge I would like to see what is your last photo.

20200102_blog challenge_new_sacred kingfisher_named_home_jan 2020

So send your link in the comments or pingback and show what is your last photo as it is, crappy or not. I took quite a number of photos of the Sacred Kingfisher and some are much better than this but as an impulse and to show the new.

Come on join in and lets see what you have.