A joy to hear

Todays Prompt: Sing
Ragtag Daily Prompt Friday: Wonderment

A wonderment
horizon and sun
colours ablaze

the gullies
low at first

I had never had Whipbirds at my place until after the fire that caused so much devastation across the whole Clarence Valley in 2019. My place was a little oasis where I fed and watered as many birds and animals who came to see what was on offer. I was hoping the Whipbirds would stay and they have. They even came into the garden after a while as they are shy birds and know how to hide.

Have a listen to a Whipbird singing.

Recording from Graham Chapman

11 thoughts on “A joy to hear

  1. Cool that they have taken up residence at your place. The audio didn’t work for me either but I went to his site and listened to some of the calls. Pretty distinctive I’d say.

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