Come on my road

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #240: The Road (most often) Taken

John wrote “This week’s theme is metaphoric–and not about a physical road. For this week’s challenge, I want you to think of your favorite type or style of photography as the road you’ve chosen to take most often. For me, it’s landscape photography as it fits so well with my traveling soul. My examples are all landscapes, but I want to see in what style you like to photograph best.”

Where do I take this prompt without being over the top. I have been thinking about what to post and why, which I do find hard and this is why it has taken me a while to think about my photos and my road.

I am leaving this lot in a bunch so you don’t have to scroll forever 😂

Left to right, top to bottom.

Row 1 – My road to get home especially after going to the Raspberry Lookout & photographing Paper Daisies

Row 2 – Flowers one of my favourite things to photograph as well the birds around my place The little Yellow Robin is a lot of peoples favourite as well as the colourful parrots like this Eastern Rosella

Row 3 – More birds, Blue-faced Honeyeater and Rainbow Lorikeet who enjoy snacking on Bottlebrush flowers and Rainbow Bee Eaters looking splendid on the branches of a dead tree

Row 4 – Of course there has to be insects and a bit of macro. A Scarlet Jezebel Butterfly in a Honey Gem Grevillea, a Native bee my favourite name, Teddy Bear Bee and a Native Stingless Bee flying into a Day Lily

Row 5 – More Macro A close up of a Scarlet Jezebel Butterfly, Tree Fern frond about to uncurl and another favourite to try to get, water drops.

Some new things I have been doing over the past couple of years which is a lot of fun.

Of course my water abstracts I create for Jez’s Water Water Everywhere

There is always a face to find for Monday Portrait. Cattle seem to be a lot of peoples favourites

Dipping in and out of Monochrome

Creating for Silent Sunday where I have been using photos of churches or religious items

Shades of Grafton #21 – The Hooded Shades

Ludwigs Monday Windows

This is the final post for the hood shades a bit of a wrap-up of the ones I found, plus a few repeats of different views of the same shade.

A pair of shades that need a bit of attention on an old building in the cathedral grounds

This one is probably the widest shade I found. I like how they have colour coordinated the greens

A closer look at the detail on another window from the same house.

It does look like these are a pair of a newer sturdy type of hood.

The poor battered shades with the indignantly of having an old air-conditioning unit separating them

A classic Art Deco house with its rounded front and curves. It was hard to get the best view with one window to show the details of the scallops and the flower design on the side.
On another matter, check out the verandah metal gutter cut on the curve. That takes skill.

Another pair that could do with a wash. They have unique small scallop edging but still the same flower end design.

Has to be one of the best. Yes you have seen this one before but I took a close up later when the backyard wasn’t a hive of activity

This ends the hooded shades, next week it will be the rest of the shades I found in my closest town, Grafton