Peace in the garden

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #239: Finding Peace
Cee’s FOTD
XingfuMama’s Whatsoever is Lovely

This morning was the time to be out in the garden. While I was out I noticed some new flowers and things growing.

The miniature Hibiscus has been flowering like crazy over the past four or so weeks. The flowers are a deep red but I found this flower with a bit of a splash of white

The Cunjevoi Lily plants mainly grow near waterways. I had one and now I have lots in the garden. They have large leaves about 1 metre long sort of like Elephant Ears plants. There isn’t a flower, the pod just opens to reveal red seeds.
No parts of this plant should ever be eaten as all parts contain oxalates which will cause severe irritation, swelling and pain to the mouth

I love finding a different colour Dianthus among the others in the garden

The stand out, can’t miss me are the Golden Lycras throwing bright dots of yellow/orange throughout the garden

By 11am it was getting hotter, so it was time to retreat inside. (yay for a triple dip)