This Weeks Spam – 20 March

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week: Week 11 2023

I know you have been waiting for this post to appear haven’t you? There has been a few so this may take a bit of time.

I begin this episode with a comment from

  • Wags paws adored from “” who didn’t really comment on “Monday Portrait 13 March” just put

[…] Monday Portrait – 13 March […]

I am sorry but I already know what I posted

  • Next up TheCloudGallery from who, like Wags above let me know on my post “Wordless Wednesday 15 March”

[…] Wordless Wednesday – 15 March — bushboys world […]

Again I think I might know the name of my own post don’t you?

  • We have karkasnye_bmot from with a Cyrillic comment on “Wordless Wednesday 15 March”

дома каркасные москва [url=][/url].

I am sure what you have to say but sorry I am on the Ukraine side

  • Good old Robertglork from webtest345687534xvhfd.xer who commenting on the most popular “Wordless Wednesday 15 March still likes to wish me

Hello. And Bye. https://webtest345687534xvhfd3333.xer

Thank you for your wishes Robert but I wish that the block him worked quicker

What a wrap-up of the Ludwigs Monday Windows series. This post covers the shades I found, as well as a few repeats of different views of the same shade.
I like these shades a lot – they’re wide and have a lot of color coordinated detail. They look great on an old building in the cathedral grounds, and I like the way they’ve color coordinated the greens.

Dear Joanna I actually know what I wrote. I may be getting older but still retain a few faculties.

  • Another Russian entry from bolezni_vaot who placed a comment on “I guess I’d better hoof it” with another comment in Russian.

болезни винограда [url=][/url].

I actually had a look and the website is a scientific paper of sorts on diseases in grape vines. What it had to do with Ungulates is in question

  • Now we have a bit of desperation from agndoden from who want me, when commenting on “Glorious sunset over the neighbours cow”

If you are interested in light subject you can visit my blog or become a follower!

I don’t know about you but begging for followers I feel is a bit demeaning

  • The last one….yes really the last one was from zakazat_oppn from who sent me a comment on “I guess I’d better hoof it”

заказать печать в москве недорого [url=][/url].

I am guessing you want me to buy lots of cardboard but I do have sufficient at the moment thank you.

I hope you enjoyed the spam that arrived last week. There hasn’t been anything since Friday for this week so far but don’t despair, I am sure something will turn up for our entertainment.

This Weeks Spam – 13 March

Fandangos Spam Comment of the Week – Week 10 2023

The spammers must have heard my laments about a lack of decent spam let alone the lack of comments that grace my spam folder. Well folks your prayers have been answered with some classics as well as the regular sort. Want to see what I have?

Lets begin with first off the rank with
Sarah Jones from who left a comment on my post A sense of order” replying to the challenge host, Marsha

“Hi Marsha,

I’m curious about your quote about “the proper order of things being a mystery to me.” What do you think is behind the mystery?

Thanks for your thoughts.”

My thoughts. Going to your drug website is weird. Though the mail prozac sort of product if you are “brain fogged” Sarah doesn’t use the product. Cover blown with the cheery Hi Marsha in my post comments

I’ve besen surfing online moe than three hours lately, but I never didcovered any interesting rticle like yours.
It is beautiful vaue sufficient for me. In mmy opinion, if all
webb owners and bpoggers made just riht contebt ass yyou did, tthe
internwt might be a loot more usaeful than ever before.

Not had one of these great grammar and spelling comments in ages – maybe they have been out looting the internwt to be more usaeful

  • Who could deny dropping into the next spammer, no name just the website nicenic net Wouldn’t you visit nicenic. He popped a comment onto my post “Close your eyes, a deep breath”

Who we are?
NiceNIC.NET is an ICANN, CNNIC, HKIRC, gTLDs, ccTLD, newgTLDs Accredited Domain Registrar, and Hong Kong TOP Data Center,Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud, Tencent Cloud cooperated Hosting & Server Provider, founded in 2006, based in Hong Kong, China. We offer domain names and hosting & server services at affordable prices. Meet our team>>
(website was here)

Yep, buy any domain you want from the big list and pay in bitcoin from your vast bitcoin account. You have one of course, doesn’t everyone?

  • This is a classic from Robertglork whose comment on “Last on the card – February 2023”

Hello. And Bye.

Nice of you to drop in Robert. I’d write back and tell you that your webtest didn’t work and that site just doesn’t exist.

  • Another first in commenting from Zoe Smith who hails from where you can buy your CBD oil commenting on my post “Shades of Grafton #20 – The New Style” with

I really like this one! The colors of the repaint and the clean lines. Looks like the same salesman sold the same style a few houses down, but I think the colors are a little different. I think the house color and shape of the shades make them look quite lovely. These would have to be my favourites. The only brick house I found that has window shades. They are adjustable and roll up. Not made of aluminum but a shade cloth. There are some new shade cloth shades appearing that I may try and photograph sometime

At first I read, then re-read and thought those words look familiar, then the penny dropped, they are my photo captions!!! Well played Zoe

  • The last one is so out of left field from Stephentug who commented on my post “Not for your eyes” with a huge rave about wedding photography. Here are snippets

Bridal pictures and the video grow into a long-lasting memory when it comes to couples plus the guest visitors…..As a marriage planner it is important to make sure that the digital photographer therefore the videographer hired would be the best.

Unique technology has caused it to be plausible to not just generate a wedding videos but also making it a wedding film at a fair amount. It is really typical some occasions that most of the couples prefer motion picture videography of these wedding receptions.

Probably one of the most essential aspect of a wedding could be the pictures. The wedding photos is exactly what is remaining anytime anything else is away

Here is the number 1 reasons why we likely will never actually photograph marriages becoming smart doesn’t send that whatever additional still at precisely the same time, taking chances is also a fault in the event you miss the snapshot. And I also wouldn’t desire to are unsuccessful on either count when it comes to client.

As a customer, are tutored: understand what you want when it comes to type, obtainable, and how much it should roughly price see the efforts of many men and women and get rates before you make a choice. click on our business *at the seattle mormon temple and commercial-spa-products *this is my interpretation

I think I was almost convinced about what ever I was to be convinced about Stephen, until that almost constructed website appeared (the ….. are mine to remove the name)
url=https://………./commercial-spa-products/][color=#000_url]seattle mormon temple[/color][/url]

Well there you have it a wonderful lot of spam with variety, I hope you enjoyed your journey through my spam 🙂

This Weeks Spam – 6 March

Fandangos Spam Comment of the Week – Week 9

I am almost devastated. My spam has almost dried up. This week only one….yes ONE

The one that landed in my Spam from Kathy Brown from was one of mixed messages on my post “Someone is watching”

Hi Denzil, – OK got my name wrong for a start

I’m curious about the eyes of the White-banded Noctuid Moth. Can you tell me more about it?
It does make me happy if people want to know more when I post nature photos

Very polite

doesn’t seem to remember that her initials are KB unless the “A” stands from asshole spammer

I am sure Kathy is watching me as her website is for a weight loss product that will give me a “healthy glow” and “burn that stubborn fat” not sure I want to drop three dress sizes in thirty days though

This Weeks Spam – 27 February

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week – Week 8 2023

Good morning my fellow spam aficionados and lovers of the absurd stuff that somehow manages to get into that wonderful spam folder. This week I have a special treat. but first off

ajuhousayaw from those random lawyers at on the post “Monday Portrait – 20 February” just sent that link once again

[url=]Atvupane[/url] Muridami
Once blocked but returned for one last hurrah I suspect

– Then NathanVah wanted me, when commenting on “Shades of Grafton #18 – In Need of Repair ” just decided that my life may be better if I went to his site

1xbet bangladesh office
to entice me to have a bet on anything I would guess. I am not gambling to go to that website

– That person from Islamic Specialist For Love Back from sent me a lovely comment on the post “Wait to open” of nice flower

-But the surprise of them all was when a lovely fellow blogger, Martha Kennedy from comment was in the spam folder.
This was a bit of WP having fun with comments. Martha sent a comment to my post “They are all at it” with an attachment to a video.

Well it looks like Martha thought that the comment didn’t go through, so as we all do, tried again. This time the comment came through but not the video. Undaunted Martha tried a third time, imagine frustration building, this time it was just the video link and ta daa, the link arrived in my spam folder. It is a but risque but is safe to click on the video link for 6 seconds of nature

That’s all the spam for this week. Hopefully next week may bring some fun spam folder comments

This Weeks Spam – 20 February

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week – Week 7 2023

Well my lovelies, I was in a spam drought during the week with only a few appearing in the Spam Folder, so imagine my surprise when I opened it up to see what cheer I could spread with you and there is eleven spam comments!!! Oh contain my expectant heart. What treasures will await us today.

Basically it did boil down to a bit of a disappointment with a lot coming from one web address and a cast of stars.

equsekodiv comment on “Going for a drive”
[url=]Ecolunaz[/url] Eqahko

axotaqi comment on “Let’s go to Bologna”
[url=]Gecusic[/url] Idehxsod

ivewkhoif also a comment on “Let’s go to Bologna”
[url=]Aqelalu[/url] Orutate

oyubefaekese comment on “Words of Wisdom – Y23 #2
[url=]Eruvomota[/url] Aiulojiec

– But the a saviour appeared, long lost from my spam comments, sherrieln11 from xxxsexyxx.hotblognetwork……came along with a comment on “Words of Wisdom #2” with the first p0rn comment in months. Behold

New hot project galleries, daily updates
free porn titty f*ck videos porn lohan softcore porn movie listings wood room porn mature dogging lacy zimmers porn
Goodness me is Lindsay Lohan still a p0rn thing?? But they did try to entice me with a “wood room” but I have a shed full of wood thanks very much.

AmberlySrOi from thinks I need a date and get out more bless their little hearts with a comment on “Share Your Desktop” I am not Catholic but will st Р°ugstine be of any use to my love life?

dating flirt site free
[url=””]free chat sites dating[/url]
st Р°ugstine fl book matches online dateing

– Then the next lot all appeared on my “Going soft” post.

All who were aficionados of [url=]Unezep[/url] Ekodajo
or similar to the first lot of spam above.
I must give them marks for such creative names. Actually after I posted “Going soft”, I was suddenly though that my Spam Folder was going to be swamped with Viagra or Erectile Dysfunction products but instead I had a website that had links with Accident and Compensation Lawyers. Are they still called Ambulance chasers?

Well that’s our Spam fun for this week. Off to do the block and delete, clean out the folder for your next weeks entertainment I hope

This Weeks Spam – 13 February

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week: Week 6 2023

I am constantly disappointed at the quantity of the spam. It has dropped off so I don’t have much to offer. Our “never give up” Vapecans Shop dropped in about six time last week despite being blocked.

1 The first time was on Water Reflections – Abstracts #72 selling all manner and variety of marijuana – pre-rolled, cookies and the new one Runtz. Last week Lois sent me on an expedition to find out what Little Jeeters were (pre-rolled joints. $40 for 2.5grams) Any volunteers for this weeks expedition to discover what Runtz are?

2 Next came along Free Marketing Tools on In the cafe just said “Nice” Thank you Dr FarFar

3 Last we have PeterZen who left a great comment on Anyone who had a heart – a betting company login Linebet Login 2023 I’m not going to gamble on clicking on that one.

This Weeks Spam – 7 February

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week – Week 5 2023

Back to boring and less than forth coming spam comments.

First up is Islamic Specialist For Love Back who, on Sleeping on the train, said “it’s nice” and continued on with “its nice” for several more several posts and their WP site doesn’t exist

Qwerty is back with more advice commenting on Wordless Wednesday – 1 February
“Learn Life Virtues | Important Lessons” and included a blog site with “Real Knowledge”

Stephentug on my post Here then gone has so many tips in one comment
“Videography is the art and technique of capturing moving images on film or digitally. It is a highly creative and technical field that requires a combination of artistic vision, technical expertise, and strong communication skills.”
“Storytelling, Technical Expertise, Creativity, Adaptability, Communication Skills, Attention to detail, Time management, Aesthetic sense” are some of the aspects covered in a long winded comment. Plus has some weird web address

Despite a block Qwerty reappeared on Flowers around here post and he wanted to show me
“Tips to improve self confidence”

Darrellrourb on Shades of Grafton #16 just added what appears to be a website for selling drugs complete with some promo codes for June?

This Weeks Spam – 31 January

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week: Week 4 2023

Just a few that have passed through the spam filter. The reduction in spam is good but also disappointing as I do enjoy sharing the spam I am getting with you. Again no p0rn this week for you.

1 First off is Rooppendra Kumar I call him Mr Persistent as I have blocked but he still reappeared.
This time on “Going Back to Italy”. His message, just a website which I am not going to display but it leads to an Amazon for sale page
Thanks but I can buy crap like that locally.

2 Here is Qwerty who used “Time to rap at the birdbath” post to give me advice
The comment “Habits a way of success” and included his web site – again not included. A lot of the replies to comments on his site were “Yeah, sure”
I am sure that’s not a habit for success.

3 Bring on FloydTow commenting on my post “Delicate and small” with a link in Russian
аренда яхт в турции мармарис european yachts (weblink removed)
If I need an European yacht I know who to contact.

4 Just in case I need Swedish telephone directory Georgesor sent me a link on my “Coming at you” post.
sweden virtual phone numbers – continent telecom (weblink removed)

5 Another persistent one was VAPECANS SHOP, who has featured here before in past spam posts, with all sorts of stuff in a long comment for sale in around FIFTY web site links.
I can buy golf carts, go-karts, even around twenty types of Glock guns, plus cookies, pies, runtz? and baby jeeters?
If you need a baby jeeter, just give me a shout and I’ll send the web link to you

This Weeks Spam – 9 January

Fandango’s Spam Comment of the Week – Week 1 2023

Looking forward to some more juicy morsels from my spam folder? I am afraid nothing titillating this week but lots of needy people

We’ll start with –

  • Rooppendra Kumar
    who decided that all my Monday Portrait 2 January need was a website link. Not going to place it on this post just in case an idle finger hits it and sends you to a real blog (one I follow) but has a some dodgy “stuff” attached
    • following on is jorkjinuigo (web address allnudes) with some fascinating stuff
      [url=][Read more…][/url]
      [url=]Glass House – The Good Mother 2006 Dual Audio Hindi 720p WEB-DL 800mb[/url]
      [url=]Blow (5,824)[/url]
    • Next up is Dilranga Perera on Water Reflections – Abstract #68 just added his website nothing more or nothing less
    • rajanisingh885721172 on Pick a Word – December 2022
      is also a little bit needy who added the comment “Please read my post”
    • Last but not least is agndoden, another needy chap, who had a lovely greeting on The Chandelier…..
      Happy new year! Nice blog!If you like, or interested in light subject welcome on my blog:chap……..

    This Weeks Spam – 2 January

    Fandango’s Spam Comment of The Week – Week 52

    I have a good lot for this week’s Spam wrap-up.

    • Let start with Jagaccoff who sent this comment for Macro Monday 19 December. Lots of information to digest here

    “Wilson TW, et al *buy cialis online india* (weblink removed) Whilst no systematic study has been carried out, it does appear that electron withdrawing substituents at the 3 position promote cyclization at C 2, whilst donor substituents lead to para cyclization 58JCS4227”

    • Catalina Human had some great tips and information on my About page, so I wouldn’t have to write again but gave me a time limit. Sorry sister I missed that deadline but great name to convince me that you aren’t a robot

    “Last 2 days to grab the best ai writer with GPT-3. Jasper and Surfer SEO alternative.

    This message below is written by our AI without manual editing:

    Are you looking for a way to make your content stand out from the crowd and help your website rank higher on Google? Look no further – we have the perfect solution for you.

    Introducing our AI content writing tool that has over 70 AI content tools, including long form posts, ads, products, poem, descriptions, blog titles, outlines, intros, body, conclusions, ad copy writer, social media content creator, SEO improver, and unique related image generator.
    This AI content writing tool is the perfect way to create content that will stand out and help your website rank higher on Google. It will also generate unique images related to the keywords and descriptions you provide. You can create unlimited content as there is no word limit.

    Take your website to the next level and start creating content that will help it rank higher on Google. Get with the times and start using AI content writing with SEO capabilities today.

    If you would like to find out more about our AI content writing tool and its capabilities:

    Human summary:
    Features in short:
    – Lifetime, unlimited words
    – 70+ AI content cretion tools
    – SEO powered writer, improver and editor
    – Ultimate SERP tool: Competitor analysis with top 10 of SERP, analyzes with NLP, and helps create content on them
    – Unique image generator
    – 60 days money back guarantee”

    The Health Coach came back again on Friday Fun, even though I thought I had blocked him. He has lots to sell and the comment is quite long filled with websites to visit to get lot of stuff. I put it into bulk edit so I could grab a gist of what to show you. Yes the Health Coach sells Vape paraphernalia

    “Buy Belviq Online Buy Trulicity Online Buy Stromectol Ivermectin for covid 19 Banana Runtz Weed Strain Zoap Strain Ice Capz Strain White Runtz Strain Buy Vape Carts Wholesale on YouTube |Buy Weed wholesale YouTube |Marijuana for sale YouTube”
    Also includes such items as “Buy Glock Guns Online Telegram
    Welcome to James Firearms Shop, an online depot where you can Buy Firearms and Ammunition Such as Glock 19 for sale ….”
    “Bitcoin Mining Machines For Sale Telegram”
    Even Russian Blue Kittens…….

    • Albertha Her has me all sorted with SOE with another About page comment


    Monitor traffic forecasts, keywords and URLs, growth trends, and heat maps in 10 LANGUAGES with detailed SEO reports sent to your email for only USD19 lifetime licence.

    Alternative to
    – Ahrefs
    – SEMrush
    – SurferSEO

    It gives you everything you need to monitor UNLIMITED KEYWORDS, core keywords, and brand-related keywords.

    Keep tabs on growth trends for top URLs and keywords, as well as keyword evolution maps, so your content strategy is always on point.

    You can even calculate the performance of URLs, folders, and subdomains to tackle any immediate issues head on!

    ** Instead of spending hours identifying priorities and opportunities, let SEOcrawl generate actionable SEO reports on the spot.

    Features included in all plans
    – Actionable SEO reports
    – Download data (CSV, Excel, Google Sheets)
    – Task management for users
    – Keyword, URL, and folder rank tracker
    – Automatic weekly and monthly SEO report
    – 10 languages and all future languages supported (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Turkish, Polish, Russian)
    – SEO extension for Google Chrome
    – SEO insights with AI and automated analysis”

    • Playegege on my I am here in a way post, is short and to the point suggesting I may need a bit of chemical assistance

    “buy cialis* website unlinked* 8900049 CIDOMYCIN EYE EAR DROPS 0

    • While Ernestskase also commenting on I am here in a way post was very short wanting me to visit his website. Yes that was all that was there, just a website

    “top casino 2023”