Shades of Grafton #20 – The New Style

Ludwigs Monday Window

This episode is all about the shades that probably replaced the original ones when the windows were replaced. They are mostly aluminum and some are able to be opened or closed or is that up or down, anyway let’s see what’s on offer.

A very smart new renovation. By the looks of the one on the left, these can be adjusted.

Maybe these were replaced when the roof was done

I really like this one. The colours of the repaint and the clean lines.

Looks like the same salesman sold the same style a few houses down,

A bit of a scrub would have made this shade and house look quite lovely.

These would have to be my favourites. The house colour and shape of the shades really make them

This is the only brick house I found that has window shades. They are adjustable and roll up.
Not made of aluminum but a shade cloth. There are some new shade cloth shades appearing that I may try and photograph sometime.

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