Many conversations

The Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Conversation

A few days ago I was at the New South Wales Landcare Meeting with around 130 other Landcare people from every part of NSW. Over three days many conversations were had and information exchanged.

This is about half of the people who had travelled to Dubbo. The drive from my place took almost eight hours. How many conversations do you think were happening in this photo?

Try a little kindness

Day thirty of Becky’s Square Photo Challenge for October: KindaSquare

Second last day and I have photographers block. I had already chosen this song and couldn’t find the right image. So what better to do than play all the versions I had to find the best one for us to listen to. The introduction did help me find an image and them more of the song just sparked me and I thought of a few more.

So for once I have used more than one photo. I hope you can try a little kindness in your day.