What was Paula thinking in setting a photo challenge with the word prompt Imitation Follow the link to find other great example of imitation.

What would I possibly find to suit this challenge. Well my faithful readers, I did find a few so look on with wonder at the imitation in bushboys world (insert laughing face here).  I think this deserves a slideshow as I couldn’t explain some of these photos.

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Hope you had as much fun as I did in finding my Imitations

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The Koalas that live around here are rather nomadic and only occasionally do they venture into the bush at my place. I haven’t seen any but have heard them at night singing their wonderful songs or as my daughter said one night that it sounds like we have pigs in the bush.

These photos are from my besties place where the Koala sit in the tree just near the house and some photos are from Victoria.

Some days it is just so bright that it is hard to keep your eyes open…..oh that’s right I sleep a hell of a lot

ImageKOALA FACT#1 Koalas sleep for around 19 hours a day

Maybe if I hide they won’t see me

ImageKOALA FACT #2 The koala’s latin name Phascolarctos cinereus means ash-coloured pouched bear

Oh….you’re still there

ImageKOALA FACT #3 Koalas are one of the few animals, along with ringtail possums and greater gliders, that feed exclusively on eucalyptus leaves

Well, I guess I’d better do a better job of being invisible

ImageKOALA FACT #4  Koalas don’t normally drink water as they get sufficient water by licking the dew from leaves

Every now and then, the feet just dangle

ImageKOALA FACT #5 Koalas fur different around Australia. In the southern parts of Australia it is longer and shaggier than in the north

I love the light spot under the chin

ImageKOALA FACT #6 Koalas generally give birth to one young a year therefore their populations cannot increase rapidly

The claws don’t really send the cute and cuddly message do they

ImageKOALA FACT #7 Koalas are generally solitary, although they do have a social structure based on a dominant male

But for me, it’s the ears that I love

ImageKOALA FACT #8 The koala is not a bear but a marsupial whose closest relative is the wombat

I do dislike the way people call Koalas “Koala Bears” but that’s just me I guess.


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Animals…Yes I said it….Animals

There are animals everywhere, especially around my place. Some are small, some are large but most don’t mind having their picture taken, as long as I am quick. It is certainly a privilege to have them around, not only in the bush but sometimes close to the house. The garden always has a wallaby eating or resting, there is always lizards of course, or should I say skinks and sometimes a snake or two will rustle through the undergrowth. I have heard Koalas at night but not seen them but possums are always somewhere around even in the chook house.


Other possums, that aren’t here but at my besties place, are the Ringtailed Possums. This bloke was high in the tree and it takes balls to climb high.


At her place at least I can see the Koala!!! This bloke was in the front garden about 10 meters from the house.


There are small bats somewhere around, in hollows and sometimes they stop inside for the night. Summertime, the windows and doors are open to catch the breezes and the little micro bats often whizz around sweeping up moths and other bugs attracted to the lights. This Lesser Eared Bat found a box to rest in.


Geckos have many a spot around the house. Most of the pictures on the walls have a gecko or two behind them, When they get frisky, the pictures jump and bump on the walls. This Velvet Gecko was stalking a moth and didn’t really want my attention.


Outside the skinks have the run of the verandas, garden and basically everywhere, all through the bush.


I have a recycling and garbage area, as I don’t have a garbage service, where I store all my garbage and recycling until I get a good sized load to take to the transfer station in town. I open the bale flaps very slowly each time as there is usually a frog or spider under there. This day as I opened the bale up, there was a small Red Naped Snake warming under the flap.


One of the hard parts of bush living is life and death. I love my chooks but so do a lot of others who mainly love them as dinner. Over the years I have lost a few to Spotted Tail Quolls. One time, after around 6 chooks were killed, I took a carcass and put it into a trap hoping to get the bugger and take him for a ride up the mountain to the National Park.


But mostly it’s the wallabies that get attention as they are quite calm around me and they come closer to the house than most other animals. Here is the “Whole lot of Wallabies” part. I couldn’t decide which one to use so I just included a selection of different wallabies, their young and places they hang out.

Sometimes they come in groups. The Red Necked Wallabies are everywhere.


They don’t mind hanging out with the chooks. The Whiptail Wallabies, or Pretty-faced, seem to hang out in the back.


The Red Necked Males are quite large and in breeding season, the red really stands out.


I was lucky enough to get a photo of a very young joey before it grew any hair.


The Joeys are so adorable.


Sometimes the come to the front door…..


….and sometimes to the back door.


I love the animals that are around my place.

Do you have many at your place?