Walking Squares #14 – Flower and trees

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Have been rather busy over the past few says. I didn’t take my camera with me when I went outside. I decided to to a late afternoon stroll to the road and see how the Golden Everlasting Paper Daisies were doing.

So it looks like I’ll be walking up that hill again

It looks like they are finishing flowering so will have to collect the seeds and spread them all around the place.

A few are going strong

I’ll get good seeds off this one I hope

Time to head back home. My home is down there

Finding a spot on the driveway where I could get a good view of the tree canopy

Even in the late afternoon light, the flowers in the garden really stood out.

Cee’s FOTD

Bren’s Floral Friday #FF79

33 thoughts on “Walking Squares #14 – Flower and trees

        1. Thanks Brian, need kind thoughts today. A book acquaintance of Robert’s left a message on the landline for him, and so had to ring him this morning to tell his the news. I thought I’d contacted everyone, but discovering this past month or so a few I had somehow missed. Not easy.

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        2. Thanks Brian, needed those.

          and I know one of the reasons I am delaying moving until after the year anniversary. I just wish on days like this the girls were still living with me so they could help with these calls.

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        3. that’s so true . . and just knowing that you know about my morning is helping. So glad you are online right now

          Once I have caught up with posts I am going to put the waterproofs on and head out into our current rainstorm – thinking the fresh air after your lovely hugs will be an extra bonus

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      1. yikes! Have so many Portuguese memories of going for a great shot and then realising a trail of ants were at my feet, fortunately the ants in Portugal don’t bite!

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