From small to tall

The Lens-Artists Challenge #192: Earth Story

My focus for this challenge is vegetation. From a tiny moss “forest”

to grasses that support life

with seeds and flowers

ferns providing shelter

Bottlebrush bush with flowers and food for everyone

Grevilleas giving shade and food for insects and birds

Tree Ferns who are older than dinosaurs, first plants to recover from fires – yes those fires in 2019 – as seen here. The stems of tree ferns are a miniature ecosystem, with epiphytic plants like mosses, small ferns and maybe lichens growing on them.

The first fronds that emerge are called Fiddleheads

Bigger flowering trees can be spectacular like Poinciana trees

Or Illawarra Flame Trees which stand out against the green of the bush when flowering

and then there are the towering giants in the rainforest that support all manner of life from the soil to the tree tops

Where would an Earth Story be without our wonderful plants – from the small to the tall. The featured photo is my favourite spot, Raspberry Lookout where you can sit among the trees as well as look over the valleys and the tree tops.

Into the woods

Weekly Prompts Weekend Challenge: Woodland

AS you may or may not know, I live in the Australian bush. To many of the overseas readers it can be to you a forest or perhaps a woodland. Maybe you would like a bit of a scroll around bits of my place known as Durranbah.

This is looking up the driveway from my house

Durranbah is an aboriginal word for small jumping ant. I cannot remember the dialect where I found the name but it is not a local word. My property is on the border with the Gumbainggir Nation to the south and Bundjalung Nation to the north.

I purchased the property on the 24th February 1984 for a whopping $26,000 and all it had on it was the bush. It also had nests of small jumping ants that made you jump when they stung you.

They also have a habit of jumping towards you once they have been disturbed. I always tell visitors to look at the ground around them if they decide to stop walking.

One of the reasons I bought here was the trees. They are tall and straight and there are some that are the mother trees that have been here for a hundred year I am guessing as it would take at least three people holding hands to encircle the trunk.

I cannot find all of the big tree photos. I did find a view up an Apple Gum

This Ironbark is across the road from my place

Here is a selection of trees. A Red Bloodwood showing why it’s called a Bloodwood

A Grey Gum shedding its bark

One of the mother trees, a Tallowwood

My favourite place. A permanent waterhole where all manner of birds and animals come to drink

Looking from the doorway of my shed

Heading down a track

Gum blossom and nuts

I love Grass trees that are in the gullies. I lost many during the fire of 2019 but I have some reminders

I could go on for ages with many photos of flowers, moss, ferns, birds and animals but this is supposed to be about the woodland. I hope you enjoyed a scroll through Durranbah.

Four trees at sunset

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge#185: Change

There is a hill we call Sunset Hill. There we see some amazing sunsets which, over the past few years, I have posted for you to enjoy as much as I do.
On a distant hill there are four trees which I just love to see and photograph at sunset. The trees remain the same but the sky changes.

Grey skies and trees

Life in Colour November: Black/Grey

Jude asks us “Do you have any silhouettes?”

The grey/blue of an impending storm

Minimalism with grey sky and tree

One from Hammad’s Weekend Sky Challenge

The Full Moon and a Poinciana tree

Get some perspective

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Past Squares

Don’t Think I have delved into the #PerspectiveSquare yet, so why not.

Looking at Blue Ginger Flowers with a Blue-banded Bee scrunched in for a snack

My front fence

Looking down the road from my front gate

I know, don’t play with matches

Across a misty paddock

An Australian Pelican and his reflection

One to test your eyes

Misty squares quiet places

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: Past Squares
The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Quiet Places
The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Mist

I love a
misty morning
everything’s still
a hush broken
a hush broken
nothing’s still
misty morning
I love

A close up of the tree in the middle of the above photo

Heading up the Gibraltar Range from my place to the Raspberry Lookout

Getting to my quiet place to sit for a bit while…….

…….the mist sits in the valleys

Or just be at my place in my other quiet places