Nature and me

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge Week 34: Add an Element of Nature

Around my place there is always a bit of nature popping in. May contain images of spiders and snakes. Click on the small images to see the full photo.

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Seen at my desk

Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge: Knoll your desk

Some things that have been found at my desk over the years.

Grandfathers tool box

Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge Week 16: Tighten Up (helpful tools)

I have been meaning to write about Grandfathers tool box for quite a while and never got around to doing a post.

My grandfather made the tool box that held his tools of trade.

toolbox_grandfathers_named_home_jackadgery_sept 2019

My Grandfather was born in 1875. His occupation was a Wheel Wright. A Wheel Wright makes carriages, buggies and other horse drawn wagons. I have some faint recollections of my Grandfather taking me to the cornershop walking down the street holding my hand. I was quite small as Grandfather died when I was 4, seven days after my birthday.

toolbox_grandfathers_tools_named_home_jackadgery_sept 2019

In my fathers workshop, there was an old toolbox where all manner of woodworking tools were kept. Some of the tools had grandfathers initials on them JRTD. When my father passed away, grandfathers tool box came to me complete with his tools and some of my dads.

toolbox_grandfathers_tools1_named_home_jackadgery_sept 2019

toolbox_grandfathers_tools2_named_home_jackadgery_sept 2019

I still go into the tool box to get some of those old tools to use on my projects in the shed. Having these tools, my hands holding the tools my grandfather and father held, working the wood gives my lots of joy.


Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy: Week 15 – Change your Lightbulbs

It appears to
to change
your lightbulb

light_webs_named_newrybar_oct 2017
Dust off
the shade
polish the wire
the shade190812_blog_challenge_blackandwhite_lighting_lamp_shade
your lightbulb
20200106_blog challenge_light_back light

Bright colours change your world

Cee’s Hunt for Joy Challenge: Wear Bright Colours on Tough Days
Ragtag Daily Prompt: Graceful

Some gays are just tough but my friends always wear bright colours which colour my days in rainbows and cheer. Always graceful, they come and go with a whirl of colour.

musk lorikeet_rainbow lorikeets09_home_named_nov 2014 - Copy

rainbow lorikeet01_named_home_feb 2015

rainbow lorikeet_in bird bath_named_home_oct 2017

180329_blog challenge_quartet_rainbow lorikeets3

rainbow_lorikeets_bird_bath_fun_splash3_named_caniaba_oct 2019

king parrot_acrobat_fun_named_home_jackadgery_dec 2019
and often give a cheeky smileking parrot_named_home_oct 2014

On the roof

Cee’s On the Hunt for Joy Challenge Week 5: Count Chimneys
There are lots190328_blog_challenge_in_a_row_chimney_pots_paris2
Some are in a linechimney pots_paris_named_oct 2015
This one is quite tall180607_blog challenge_traces of the past_chimney_coal mine_scotland
There are others that can look quite fierce190328_blog_challenge_in_a_row_chimney_pots_paris1

Or even like Ned Kelly
chimney pot knight01_paris_named_oct 2015

Ned Kelly, for those who are perplexed, was a notorious bushranger, an Australian rural outlaw of the 19th Century.

Kelly made a suit of armour
Image result for ned kelly suit of armour

In 1879 – the year before the Glenrowan siege and Ned’s ultimate capture – the Kelly gang began constructing the suits of armour from mouldboards, the thick metal parts of a farmer’s plough * More on Ned Kelly