Nature and me

On the Hunt for Joy Challenge Week 34: Add an Element of Nature

Around my place there is always a bit of nature popping in. May contain images of spiders and snakes. Click on the small images to see the full photo.

Sorry about the layout. The new block editor wouldn’t load a gallery of images. Spent too much time trying to work out what the *%&#$ was wrong.

34 thoughts on “Nature and me

    1. The Huntsman can make you jump perhaps but they will scuttle away as fast as they don’t like people much either. If I put my hand closer it would have run away ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Wow – what wonderful creatures you have coming to visit. At the moment our garden is home to a few families of fledglings and it is wonderful seeing them flying about.

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  2. I’ll go ahead and say it, I like the spider and the snake. The other ones are good too. Re the fun times with the block editor, I had a new theme all picked out for my blog and then discovered that the feature I liked most about it didn’t work with the block editor, only in classic. Back to the drawing board!

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      1. What annoys me most is that it was hard to find out that was the problem. I happened on the answer while searching through one of the support groups.

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  3. I hardly ever see a bowerbird and you’ve got millions. Amazing. That pardalote is sweet.
    Brian, if you haven’t already done this, try loading all your images through the media page (outside of your draft post), and then choose a gallery block when you are in your post You should be able to load your images in a gallery then.

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    1. I always load through media page and then upload to the post. This time the gallery wasn’t going to play and the individuals were so hard to load. Three time usually before they did


  4. beautiful captures! i especially love the ones of the birds, they are absolutely amazing! thank you for sharing๐Ÿ’ž

    Follow @everythingtips for tips and recommendations if interested! It would mean a lot to me!๐Ÿฅบ๐Ÿค

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