21 thoughts on “Pens

      1. Daft as it seems I didn’t read the title! I also asked someone if his pictures were etchings – the title was carvings!
        Yes, to ‘What is it’ we thought it could become a monthly thing like our monthly colour challenge.
        I wonder if Jason will ever come back to blogging? I used to enjoy his Friday funny signs, I hardly ever found any but liked everyone else’s That was strange how he just suddenly disappeared at the end of November.

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      2. Oh good. I liked the what is it theme πŸ™‚ Yes I do think there were serious family things going on at the time. I keep finding signs and save them in case Jason resurfaces. Was thinking of trying to contact to see if all is OK.

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      3. That’s a good idea, I sent an e-mail around January/December time but didn’t get a reply. But I suppose if he read it that is all that counts.

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      4. He announced he was giving up doing the signs just before he disappeared. You could take it on as a monthly thing, you will have more readers than Jason so it could take off big time!

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      5. That’s a brilliant idea, let me know how it goes.
        How are things with you? Are you finding it difficult to get hold of essentials or is everyone more sane over there?

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      6. OK. I live alone so I have plenty of everything I need. Went to shops today and got all I wanted. Eat fresh not canned or processed lots of good food available. All OK over there?

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      7. Supermarket shelves are bare. People panic buying. I don’t need anything. This morning just after7 daughter Sophie went shopping and later I will write a blog about her experience

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