Just playing with fisheyes

Cellpic Sunday 23 January

A while ago I was given some attachments to use on my phone camera. I played around in my garden with a few flowers. This is an unedited photo and I think I almost have the idea.

A bit of heritage in Grafton

Debbie’s One Word Sunday : Heritage

I went to town yesterday and did a drive around but it was raining and overcast, not the best for photos. I decided to find a few older items that may disappear one day. I found an old sign on the side of a building for Archie Schafer. I did a bit of research but turned up nothing and of course some sites that wanted me to pay for the information, one a newspaper which had some scant information.

From memory I know that Archie was a cyclist and the store where the sign is was the cycle shop. The building is known as the Robinson Bros building and is listed in the Heritage Register but the Architect and details are unknown. When I first came to Grafton, the building was Pullens Produce Store and is now a job centre and meeting place for those in our disabled community.

I am glad that this building will be preserved, well at least the facade.

You can just make out the Robinson Bros name on the top of the building

The door has changed a bit over time but I love it as it is now

5 Minutes ago – 23 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky#53

It has been raining still. This morning, a day later than I usually take my Weekend Sky photos, there are blue skies. I also had a bit of a sleep-in so the sun is a bit higher in the sky. Todays weekend sky photos I have added a couple of added bonuses.

Here is your sky song for your Saturday night or Sunday morning

From my small deck, the usual view

The Sun is shining on more of the Eucalypts

Bonus number one – Our Moon is still awake in the western sky

The new leaves and sun on the Paperbark tree were too good to leave out