5 Minutes ago – 23 January

Hammad’s Weekend Sky#53

It has been raining still. This morning, a day later than I usually take my Weekend Sky photos, there are blue skies. I also had a bit of a sleep-in so the sun is a bit higher in the sky. Todays weekend sky photos I have added a couple of added bonuses.

Here is your sky song for your Saturday night or Sunday morning

From my small deck, the usual view

The Sun is shining on more of the Eucalypts

Bonus number one – Our Moon is still awake in the western sky

The new leaves and sun on the Paperbark tree were too good to leave out

11 thoughts on “5 Minutes ago – 23 January

  1. Wow!
    Good to see some late morning views from the usual spot. But the bonuses definitely are the cherries here.
    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely sky captures with my challenge, Brian 🙂

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