A twosome of black and whites

Cee’s Black & White Challenge: 2 Different things or the number 2

A Spangled Drongo and a Noisy Miner

A Square-tailed Kite and a Noisy Friarbird

White-throated Honeyeaters and a bird bath

An indignant statue and a Gull

Black Jezebel Butterfly and Lantana flower

Pick a Word – December 2021

Thursdays Special: Pick a Word December 2021

Paulas words for me to match an image






The colours of flowers

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: December Alphabet Starts with R
Life in Colour December: Kaleidoscope

A few “R” flowers and some other colours. Like Cee, I love taking photos of flowers so it was hard for me to limit myself.

Strolling down the drive

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Four Colours or More

A Common Bronzewing I saw looking for snacks on my drive. The image quality is a bit poor as this is another photo through the kitchen window on almost full telephoto.

The actual wing photo would have made a great Last on the Card for December 2021 which will be out on the first of January.

Also for Life in Colour December: Kaleidoscope

Challenge Interview Series #19 Bushboy – Brian Dodd

This was fun to do thanks Marsha.
It was hard not to be able to include and thank all of you lovely people, who comment and send love, in the interview. I value the friendships made through blogging.

Marsha Ingrao - Always Write

Welcome to Always Write. I am your hostess, Marsha Ingrao, creator and editor of my blog, where I hang out with my blogging friends. It took a long time to realize how much more enjoyable blogging could be when I participated in photo and writing challenges. Cee Neuner keeps a list of all the challenges, so bloggers can find the right challenges that fit the kinds of writing and photography they enjoy the most.

Over the years I developed a great respect for those who hosted those challenges and I wanted to find out why and how they did it. That’s when I developed this series of interviews.

Every host has a special niche and I learn so much from them and get to know them better during and after the interview process. I hope you enjoy getting to know my friend Brian better, too.

Please make Brian feel right…

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5 Minutes ago – the year 2021

Hammad’s Weekend Sky

I decided to do a slideshow of the images from 2021 I posted for Hammad’s weekend sky photo challenge. All the photos were taken from the same spot but at varying times on Saturday mornings.

Here’s one of the songs I included for your listening pleasure whilst scrolling

Here is the small deck where I took the photos

The slideshow from the first few months of 2021

One time I was away and decided to do a night photo when I got home

Here is the second slide show for the latter part of 2021. I changed my media folder as the one I used was getting full, hence a second slideshow.

Who know what I will do for 2022 if Hammad can keep going with his photo challenge. Lots of people love Weekend Sky and contribute their wonderful skies from around the world