Bits of The Seeker

The Weekly word prompt from Sue: Snippet

The word snippet had me rather flummoxed, what could I have that I could contribute. I decided to share some snippets of my story I call The Seeker

The Seeker Part 1
…..was many an age ago when the world was new, I emerged from the primal ooze……gazing about the landscape……..looking for the outside as I was still inside even in a world so vast so full, I was still inside.

The Seeker Part 2
What was the purpose of this world that once possibly has a vegetative cover….that perhaps sustained some form of life?

The Seeker Part 3
….hope gave me strength as once more clouds built…casting shadows across the landscape……bring some relief from this burning sun.

The Seeker Part 4
Shaking myself from this wistful dream like state…trying to evoke the memory of before, I became aware of my thirst.

The Seeker Part 5
I lay down on the soft grass……the frustration and weariness was getting too much

The Seeker Part 6
down the slope slipping and sliding as the rocks gave no solid purchase…looking left….looking right….everything looked the same…….

The Seeker Part 7
….occasionally the clouds would speed across the sky as if they had an important mission……they must drop moisture somewhere or does it not behave like the weather I was used to or that is within my mind or memory….a memory from where?