The Seeker Part 7

I was sure the change in colour would indicate that not only the soils changed with some moisture.

The digging was difficult….the ground was so hard but still shards of the hard surface would splinter off sending small pieces flying, occasionally hitting my skin causing small blood spots to appear… fingers also were raw and stung with each blow.

The hard surface I have been striking was seemingly becoming softer, also altering in texture and colour.

I wondered what if I was doing was going to lead to my continued existence on the strange domed world.

Once I had a water supply I was sure I could find some level of comfort that would sustain me while I attempted to understand why I find myself on this world.

Who made this dome and why?

Does the dome protect the world or does it exist to contain the world and its strange environment….occasionally the clouds would speed across the sky as if they had an important mission……they must drop moisture somewhere or does it not behave like the weather I was used to or that is within my mind or memory….a memory from where?

My mind wandered trying to remember my past life….thoughts jumbled with nothing rising to the surface that I could hold onto as a definitive memory…..this process was going nowhere, which just added to my frustration.

I continued digging at the bottom of the mound which was becoming much easier…..instead of pounding the ground my rock tool is now being used to scrape the material from the small hole I have made.

The coolness of the ground below the surface was welcomed by my raw fingers….the depression has deepened with the flinty stones giving way to a soil like structure which is quite easy to dig.

Deeper and deeper I scraped and now have a good sized hole but still no water…….the soil felt damp but I am unable to determine if it was moisture….squeezing the soil didn’t change the composition or yield anything, it didn’t form together to make a ball…it just remained as it was when I dug it from the ground.

The level was now quite deep but I have nothing but a pile of stones and dirt….I was sure I heard water moving below the surface before….


11 thoughts on “The Seeker Part 7

      1. I’m sure I won’t! Where’s the rest? I tried reading part 8, but all that’s there is part 5 and 6 combined (or 6 and 7, I can’t remember now). I did a search on the site for Seeker, but I can’t find any further parts. 😢🥺


      2. I knew you would be disappointed. I lost the inspiration. Perhaps one day I will finish the story. Sorry for not letting you know it was an unfinished work ❤


      3. Oh, no, I’m not disappointed! I’d originally thought that maybe number 7 was the end, a sort of the struggle never ends kind of thing–but the dome kept tugging at me. I’d taken your comments as a hint that I had to keep reading to find out–internet makes it difficult to gauge tone. I enjoyed reading the story, whether it’s truly unfinished or not. 👍🤩 You can’t ask for more than entertaining your reader.
        P.S. Inspiration is a fickle [insert lots of sweary words].

        Liked by 1 person

      4. So glad you enjoyed reading the unfinished tale Susan 🥰 the dome and struggle kept me writing. A lot of it was written when I was at boring sessions in conferences and meetings with 😅 if I read it again maybe something may inspire. Thanks for your comments and support 🤗❤

        Liked by 1 person

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