A bit of ancient art

A Photo a Week Challenge: Ancient
Marsha’s Photographing Public Art Challenge#17

One of my favourite ancient sites is Pompeii. Among the ruins is pieces of art that have remained intact since the fateful eruption of Mt Vesuvius in AD 79. Take a bit of a scroll with me and have a poke around the houses and buildings of Pompeii.

Mt Vesuvius in the distance

One of the grand buildings

The courtyard of a wealthy citizens house

Birds figured in a number of designs on the walls

Repeating patterns on many of the walls decorating the houses

Some included figures

Some fresco’s were colourful

My last view of Pompeii

Re-living the Past #8 – My first water photo

The Photo a Week: Water

Following along from my looking back at the early photos, posted that are part of the prompt or theme in Photo Challenges, this one was tagged water as well as Darter, the birds on the rocks.

From August 2012

Do you mind!!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Attitude

Do you mind…..I’m having a bath here.

Not having a bath….why did you wake me up?