Mayhem at the bird bath

The Daily Word Prompt from Sheryl: Mayhem

Two King Parrots is two too many
180822_blog challenge_scene_birdbath6_king parrots

The Red-browed Firetail finches all arrived at once
red browed finches_binna burra_named_jan 2014
There is always arguments when a flock of Rainbow Lorikeets get together at the bird bathrainbow lorikeets04_bird bath_home_named_oct 2014


The Weekly Word Prompt: Footwear
Still using the themes minimalist or less is more or rule of thirds170509_bandw challenge_shoe
Some footwear isn’t necessarily on feetgraffiti_shoes_lismore_named_march 2017

Fallen on the shop floor
170918_blog challenge_shoes

Fabulous stereo mix


and a live version which was rarely played on stage


The Ragtag Sunday Prompt: Warp

The photo edit program I use, Corel PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate, had an effect called Warp. I quickly played with two photos. One of a hallway leading to stairs in an old house and one of a green VW Beetle. I used it earlier on a Kingfisher, the feature image.

Here is my Warp just for fun