The Seeker Part 3

….thirst, again, drove me on as the scant supply eked out what seemed ages ago, was almost gone….hope gave me strength as once more clouds built…casting shadows across the landscape……bring some relief from this burning sun.

Again, what was that…the sounds of shifting rocks…this time from in front of me as I moved upwards….look, I thought, or did I find voice and exclaim out loud….there was a greenness right ahead…perhaps this could mean that I would find some edible vegetation….be able to replenish my water after I have drunk deeply…my mouth was so dry…the thought of water made me salivate..a bit.

Looking up…the clouds have darkened but still maintained their rapid movement in the same direction I walk…..these clouds…were they inside or outside of the transparent dome?….there must be some way the moisture collected somewhere….similar to the short lived pools that helped wash the mud from my body and vegetation that I used to light that first fire.

As I looked toward the top of the mound….the smudges seemed to be more defined as perhaps tree like shapes…..or, if I was lucky, a cave or hollow to get out of this heat.

Suddenly a rock tumbled towards me…. coming to rest a centimetres from my foot….there wasn’t anything on the rock I could see as I turned it over in my hand… was the same as the others around me….not a scratch or scrape, a shard or sliver missing…it was just the same as all of the others about me.

How did it move or what made it move….there wasn’t anything around that I could see…..was I alone in this world or have others been plucked from their world and thrust into this hot domed existence.

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