World in a Sphere

The inspirational quotation from Debbie at Travel With Intent

“My favourite thing is to go where I’ve never been.”   Diane Arbus

Travel the world
in a sphere
slowly spin
dropping down
again ascend
terrifyingly tall
startlingly small
wondrous world
playful planet
seeing sights
hearing harmony
holding tight
travel the world
in a sphere

I struck a match

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Tuesday: Match

I have a matchbox
I have some matches
I struck a match190508_blog_challenge_match_two1

I watched
the match burn

I watched
the smoke trail away
I struck
another match190508_blog_challenge_match1
The match
flared into life190508_blog_challenge_match2
The flame
grew tall190508_blog_challenge_match3
It lit the night
a gentle flame190508_blog_challenge_match4

A Wheel in the Past

The word prompt from Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Wheel

Many many years ago I built a play platform with a swing and a ladder from poles cut from trees on the property and timber off cuts from the local timber mill. As an added extra, I decided that it needed something extra. Going to the car wreckers, I asked if I could have a steering wheel for the girls play area. The bloke gave me a Mini Cooper steering wheel which was put onto the post.

As you can see there isn’t much of the structure left, the swing chains are still there just a bit rusty, the platform and ladder have gone, probably into another build or firewood but that steering wheel still firmly attached and still spins.190508_blog_challenge_wheel_car_girls_play_durranbah

Ready to boogie