A pile or two

The Tuesday Photo Challenge: Stack

A song to scroll to….not a stack but a pile….I hope you enjoy

Can you have a stack of Fungi?

Is this a stack of chairs?

Books are always in stacks

Someone can come and help me stack the firewood please

Hope for tomorrow

Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Tomorrow

Where does tomorrow

Sit tight wait

I heard it

This insect no

But what about

Get ready hope

Here tomorrow never

All puffed up for Macro Monday

Becky’s Square Photo Challenge: #SquareUp

Time to get up close with a Macro Monday combined with a #SquareUp. These little fungi are called Puffballs. The send a small cloud of spores if they get impacted. They are up all night and if in a cool shaded spot will still be around during the day. It certainly can be a puzzle where they come from as they just appear anywhere in the garden or the bush