Franks Tuesday Photo Challenge: Transport
Transport for fun190220_blog_challenge_quote_train_europe6_tourist_train
Transport for cool drivers181010_blog challenge_burble_ford_truck
Transport for extreme fun181212_blog challenge_blackandwhite_midweekmonochrome_motorbike_indian
Transport for ceremony181120_blog challenge_boats_venice
Transport for art190127_blog_challenge_voyager_sculpture_boat
Transport for visiting the world180504_blog challenge_transportation_plane

Transport where you don’t want to be a passenger180504_blog challenge_transportation_helicopter


Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Common

Here is a few of the “commons” around here

Common Ringlet
common ringlet_binna burra_named_aug 2012
Common Jezebel butterfly_common jezabel_binna burra_named_mar 2014
Common Crowcommon crow butterfly_named_lismore_march 2016
Common Bronze-wing Dovecommon-bronzewing_named_home_oct-2016
Common Brown171115_blog challenge_letter M_butterfly_common brown
Common Dart171115_blog challenge_letter M_butterfly_common dart
Common Eggflycommon eggfly01_named_binna burra_jan 2018
Common Albatross common albatross_inside_named_binna burra_may 2018
Common Terncommon tern_flying_named_ballina_june 2018

A Red Fantasy

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red
Franks Tuesday Photo Challenge: Fantasy

A chance to combine two photo challenges.
What can be more colourful and take you into a fantasy world than the Lismore Lantern Parade.

The lanterns come by eliciting ohhhhs and ahhhs from the crowd.













and what a better way to end a parade than fireworks!!191120_blog_challenge_fantasy_red_lantern_lismore_fireworks2




Sunset through the tree

Franks Tuesday Photo Challenge: Sunset

Most of this month the sunsets have had lots of colour mainly reds and oranges. I should have waited another day and I would have had the Sunset on Saturday post as mine for this challenge.

A few weeks ago, the fires came too close to my place and the sun was more orange as the atmosphere was smoke filled.


Back Catalogue

Frank from Dutch goes the Photo prompt: Back catalogue

I have gone right back into the archives for this image. I had a great deal of enthusiasm to do more but it’s Tuesday the following week already. These photos were taken with my Canon Tlb SLR Yes it is photo prints from film that are stuck into an album and I can’t get them out. These are about 40 years ago I think. Even in those days I was getting photos of nature. The top is a Waratah a wonderful Australian native flower and the State emblem. The other is a fluffed up Kookaburra.



Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Tourism

Where to go? What to see? Want to have a look? Some have names others well… can have a guess…….OK Let’s go……….

180625_square rooves_sydney opera house


171116_blog challenge_bridges_ponte vecchio florence


171116_blog challenge_bridges_castel vecchio_verona
Castel Vecchio Verona
171116_blog challenge_bridges_venice02
181107_blog challenge_bridges_grafton_bridge_full
Grafton Bridge over the Clarence River
Japanese Gardens Toowoomba



180530_blog challenge_height_bell tower_split


180606_square rooves_houses_named_split_croatia


180817_blog challenge_street light_london eye


180331_squae march_ferris wheel_brisbane


180820_blog challenge_over 100 years old_luss_scotland_cottage2


180607_blog challenge_arch_dome_rome


180617_square rooves_temple_seoul_south korea


171101_blog challenge_letters_spain03


180607_blog challenge_arch_arc de triomph_paris
and a bit of my home town to finish170426_water_grafton_crown hotel


170921_blog challenge_traces of the past_grafton bank