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Another multiple photo challenge

Amanda’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Remote
Terri’s Sunday Stills: The Essence of #Zen
Ragtag Daily Prompt Monday: Serene

171208_blog challenge_houses_the gorge




boat_sails_named_macleay_island_march 2019





Friendly Friday



The first Ragtag Daily Prompt from Emily: Return

Every year
the water’s filled
with splashes
with gasps
from the crowd
who line
the coast
hoping for a glimpse
of majestic
Humpback whales
as they return
to warmer waters
to calve
and mate
giving hope
of a new life
as they travel
giving pleasure
to people
who return
every year
to watch
and wait.

humpback_whale_tail_splash1_named_ballina_headland_june 2019

PS It’s my turn tomorrow for my first Ragtag Daily Prompt


The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Fear

What did he do?
What made him do it?
The plane was in
the air
Followed by another
Was it his time
Did he fear what
he was going to do?

two planes_flying_lismore air show_named_july 2018

And then it was time
no time for fear
Go now!
Open the parachute
The exhilaration of floating
But then
the roar of the motor
The smell of exhaust
Suddenly amid the spirals
he was there
floating within the circles

plane_parachute_lismore air show_named_july 2018

It was time to descend
Flag unfurled
helping steer ground ward
He had done it
The faces looking upward
He was safe
He had no fear.

plane_parachute_close_lismore air show_named_july 2018

*If you look at the second photo, the second last spiral just below the plane, you can see a yellow dot of the parachutist

Remember when…..

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Nostalgia

What we like
Can be puzzle
180328_toy blocks_named
A red elephant
on a shelfelephant toy_shop_named_murwillumbah_sept 2014
A truck
from years ago180816_blog challenge_toys_tin truck

Riding off
on a wooden horse
180816_blog challenge_toys_horse
Finding treasures
in the tip truck180816_blog challenge_toys_tip truck
Or a train
that grandpa made
180816_blog challenge_toys_train
Our nostalgia
always comes out
in the wash180414_odd ball_toy washing


The Ragtag Daily Prompt Thursday: Discovery

Laying there
upon the sea floor
exposed by tides
not alone
with the rest
of her kind
a chance
Look, I say
can you see?
Now encrusted
with age
she tells tales
of long ago
of friends
long gone
of battles
and life
now in her
final resting place
she says
look at me.