It’s in the sky

Here’s a new photo challenge from Hammad who I am sure a lot of you will know. His challenge is just Weekend Sky #1

Follow the steps below to join this challenge:

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  2. Add the title of your post as Weekend Sky #(episode number) or you can use your own title, if you prefer it.
  3. Insert the tag of WeekendSky in your post’s Tags section.
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  5. All done

Yes this weekend has been a cloudless sunny quite warm day

Blue sky

Jez’s Fan Of…..#65

Jez’s fan of…… is blue sky backdrop. I must admit I am a fan of blue skies as well
Always good to get that outline of a building190731_blog_challenge_blue_didnt_make_cut (20)
A Black Kite flying is best against a blue skyblack_kite_flying_lismore_tip_july 2019
Our Moon in the day is wonderful with blue instead of black190709_blog_challenge_blue_moon1
Just a hint of blue sky for a contrast190116_blog_challenge_blue_yellow_ponytail_flowers_sky
Small so the blue sky is big190705_blog_challenge_blue_wanderer_butterfly
Airplanes are always winging off into the far blue yonderplane2_flying_lismore air show_named_july 2018
Soaring Ibis wheeling about a blue skyibis_flying_blue_sky_named_caniaba_august 2019
A bit of contrast for a Hibiscus flower to stand out190731_blog_challenge_blue_didnt_make_cut (16)

The next blue sky is a spider for those who just can’t, but zoom past for a great Aussie song


OK here comes the unusual yes it’s a Golden Orb Weaver Spiderspider_golden orb weaver_sky__named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020



Beckys square photo challenge: Light

20200123_blog challenge_light_blue light

Come on over to Becky’s and join in the fun
Here’s the rule:
All you really need remember about this photographic challenge is that a square is a rectangle with four equal sides!
Yes the photo format is Square. Look on your camera setting before you get totally inspired and set it to 1:1 There you have it Square Format. If you forget crop your image to Square

Blue #31 – supplementary

Yes Beckys Blue #JulySquare photo challenge has finished.

I have a lot of leftover photos that didn’t make the cut. Some only because when I tried to convert the photo to square format, too much of the photo was removed. In some cases they just plain missed out because I had better ones to use. Some were taken with my phone and the phone photos either couldn’t convert or were just unlucky.

I am sure you would like to see the raw images untouched and very basic. Also at the end is some of songs that didn’t get a go either. Please enjoy as you have a look around at other posts, just let the music flow.

Anyway, here are the photos



Blue #31 – It’s all over now Becky Blue

Yes, it is the last of Becky’s #JulySquares with the Blue theme. I didn’t really have a plan for the end, apart for the song, so maybe this will be a recap of all of my #Blue posts if that’s OK with you. I have so much fun with this square challenge and I hope you have as well.

I loved the comments about my photos and sometimes some people even enjoyed the music I chose to accompany the image.
I’ll do a slideshow so you wont have to scroll through the thirty photos. Maybe if you want, you could listen to the final blue song for July while you look through the images.
I would really like to know if you had a favourite.

Thank you Becky for doing the hard work and I can hardly wait for the next #Square photo challenge. I had to use the first photo as the feature as we all have been tangled up in blue this month.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


For those who like the original

Blue #30 – Collecting material for building a nest

This months square challenge from Becky: Blue

Well here is the second last day for Becky’s #Blue #JulySquares photo challenge. Why not get a favourite photo with a bit of blue crop it square and show us what you have and join the Square Gang.

This one is also for Debbies Six Word Saturday challenge

On Saturday while sitting on the verandah and having a cuppa, a Blue-faced Honeyeater just flew into the front garden and landed on the ground. Most unusual for them to be on the ground. I wondered why and then he looked up and flew off. This is one of the photos of a Blue-faced Honeyeater gathering nesting material.