There it is

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Monday: Kenspeckle

I thought I had the most weird prompt words and along come Heather with a bit of Scots – Kenspeckle. A word for conspicuous, easily seen or recognized, eye-catching etc. I don’t think that Jez or Susan have showed Kenspeckle yet in their speaking Scots lessons they post every now and then. Anyway this is what I thought of when I saw the word.

So many reds to pick from

Terri’s Sunday Stills: A Rosy Outlook

I was wondering what I should post – perhaps flowers, perhaps berries, perhaps man made stuff or blimey lets go with all of them.


Jude’s 2020Photo Challenge #41 – Octobers theme/technique:: Seascapes

This week's assignment - highlight a dramatic sunset or sunrise or reflections on the beach

Let’s head on down to the beach and see what we can find

South Seas

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Sunday: South Seas

What could be more South Seas than a barnacle encrusted pylon or two
Coconutscocnuts_named_macleay_island_march 2019
and a yacht ready to set sailboat_sails_named_macleay_island_march 2019

Of course what song? A bit of Aussie Rock (thanks Linda)