This is September 2021

This was a dry month, following a dry August, a month of wanting rain to fill water tanks and dams which are so low – not enough to water gardens for the next few months. Last night the first good rainfall happened, 17mls in a storm which has made today a smiling day. The garden is happy. With a growth of grass around my house the Red-necked Wallabies have returned to graze which is a lovely sight to see.

I was quite amazed at the amount of flowers in the garden which bought in the birds. The butterflies are yet to arrive in numbers, there are a few small ones here and every now and then a bigger butterfly flits through the garden.

As you will see the warm weather has bought out many animals including a few reptiles. So let’s get into what I found in September.

One of my favourite September songs for you to scroll to

I put together the photos and thought that I would start with a sunrise. I don’t see much coloured sky living in the bush but sometimes the colours get above the trees. After looking back I now realise that this is really a sunset. Oh well the pastel colours above the blazing reds and oranges looked great.

Here is a lone butterfly photo drinking from a Lavender flower.

My bestie has started a new garden bed and is slowly adding soil, mulch, compost and plants. The Poppies are the best flowering for a while.

Remember last month when I was able to photograph the Gymea Lily that was still in bud? Well the flower was still around when I finally was able to get there after Covid lock downs. The flower is just starting to fade.

This is the first flowering of the Pink Trumpet Tree, an Australian rainforest tree, and now the tree is covered in flowers after a bit of a false start in August.

The Bottlebrush are also having the best flowering for years.

I thought that I had lost the Champagne Pink Bottlebrush but it was just slow to flower.

I love the grass seed heads and flowers, so do the bees.

and the Galahs do as well

The Blue-faced Honeyeaters have taken over the garden making sure that no one else gets into the various grevillea flowers. Always keeping watch as you have a snack, even upside down.

The Paperbark trees are flowering as well much to the delight of the Scarlet Honeyeaters.

The Satin Bowerbird was always in the garden as he set up the bower to attract the females. He didn’t scare off easily much to the vocal displeasure of the Blue-faced Honeyeaters.

Here is the contents of his bower. This is the fifth bower he has constructed in the garden carting most of his treasures from place to place. This site is one of the same places he used last year. What can you see?

Here’s a closer look. I have no idea where he collects his treasures from as none of the contents are from my place, except the snail shells possibly. I don’t know whose blue feathers they are either.

I love the Spangled Drongos shape outlined against the morning sky.

The Yellow-faced Honeyeaters mad a nest just outside of the sun room. The nest was well concealed and I had to wait until the babies were out of the nest to have a look at them.

There is always someone looking in the office window to see if I have any snacks. This is a female King Parrot and is Tiny’s mate.

and this is Tiny trying to get my attention.

We went for a drive and on the way home we stopped off at a wetland towards my besties place. In one part of the wetland, two Black-necked Storks were standing around. Here is a back and front photo of them, possibly a male and female.

On the other side some Australian Pelicans were settling down for the night.

Over the month sometimes the sky looked rather spectacular. I love clouds. These were at my place

These were at my besties

With the warm sunshine starting, the Water Dragons were around sunning themselves.

I had to chase this Goanna from the front of the house. I think he wanted to come inside.

A Carpet Snake was sunning himself on the warm gravel of the driveway until I came outside and he headed off. I think he spent most of the winter in the roof space of my house as I heard shuffling every now and then.

OK I know how much some of you have just sped by the reptiles so here is a bit of cute. A Red-necked Wallaby Joey just hanging in the garden, warming in the morning sun.

Even if you think you are a big boy, Mum always knows you need a good wash. Despite some protests, the face washing went on for a while.

One day we went to Ballina just to get out of the house after the Covid seven day lock down had finished. By the afternoon the sky looked ominous and the seas were quite rough.

It must have been a bumper season and the pink marshmallows are stacked and ready

OK it’s time to head off into the sunset. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found a favourite or two.

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  1. After I did about five minutes of raving about your photos, the screen clicked off and onto another post and I lost my comment. You are so lucky to live in a place with so many natural treasures. Add to this your wonderful photography and what a gift it is to us. It is impossible to pick a favorite, but the bower bird photo is so startling in both its pose and color. Does he always choose blue objects for his artistic efforts? Also, what are the marshmallows, really? They look like big concrete objects but what are they used for? This post was a colossal effort and I do appreciate it.

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    1. Thanks ever so much Judy πŸ™‚ Why blue…no idea. The Western Bowerbirds gather white!! The big pinks are silage bales. Yes I am quite lucky indeed πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  2. It is absolutely impossible to choose a favorite or favorites. What an incredible group of photos. How lucky you are to live among such natural riches and what a wonderful job of photography you did.

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  3. Great bird pics….I especially love the pose of the king parrot…galahs are my all time fave though. Strangely I have never seen them on our property although there are plenty in town. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I think that’s it. This happened to me with another comment I was making on someone else’s blog but haven’t checked to see if the partial original ever came through…and I’ve forgotten whose blog it was. So goes life in the 20’s.

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  4. LOL. One could be forgiven for thinking somebody stocked up on toilet paper and put it out to catch the afternoon sun. Your home seems like such a den of fauna and flora activity. I am little envious. But not of the dryness. I thank the clouds every time it rains. I love the goanna and snake shots. My parents had a brown snake in their roof one year. They normally don’t like browns near the house but this one was given a waiver because you could hear him chasing down the rodents (of which there was a large population – a strawbale house perhaps attracting them? It was both horrific and amazing.

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    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I am glad of the rain but now there is thunder and lightning in the mountains. Glad you enjoy my reptiles. Browns aren’t welcome but if they do set up shop mostly won’t bother the human neighbours πŸ™‚

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  5. Wonderful compilation, Brian. I must be related to a bowerbird as I like to collect blue things! Not bottletops though. Loved the photos of Aussie galahs, (I used to have one as a pet), and wildlife and nature. Glad you got some rain – the Grevilleas will soak it up. Think we’ll get our first summer storm tonight.

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    1. Thank you Amanda πŸ™‚ The thunder and lightning are in the mountains now so perhaps a storm tonight like last night. Being a Bowerbird collecting blue things made me smile πŸ™‚


      1. It’s such a good song. It’s true song lyrics. Billy-Joe lost his dad when he was 10 or so. Apparently he said that to his Mum. There’s a video where he tells the story of the words

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        1. oh that makes it even more special. Thank you so much for sharing this. Incredibly touching, and to think that sentence has stayed with him since he was 10.

          Really enjoyed listening to it again, but meant even more this time πŸ™‚

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  6. Happy spring, Brian! Amazing what a decent rainfall will do. I love that song, such a perfect anthem for many components of my own life. After endless days of heat and running 15 public pools all summer, I woke up when September ended and got back to normal. Looks like your spring has started off well. Love all the critters, florals, and those wallabies(!) NIce job linking to three challenges–a good day!

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  7. You have the most beautiful birds and amazing wildlife and please take care of it. Twenty-two birds were declared officially extinct today and there are probably many more. Your Cockatoo pictures are absolutely breathtaking as are your kangaroos and almost everything else.

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  8. Oh just WOW Brian I am so pleased I found your blog. I’m so envious of you having all those beautiful birds and wild life. Your photos of them are all superb. I’m doubly envious because we used to get quite a number of the birds and reptiles in our garden when we first came here but now, sadly it is only magpies, butcher birds, kurrawongs and crows. I guess it is because of the urbanization and all the huge new houses that no longer leave any garden space around them. thanks for keeping this challenge going . Here is my monthly contribution.

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    1. Thank you Pauline. The urban well clipped and sprayed environments leave nothing for our natural world plus all those phobias about insects and other creatures is disappointing to me. I am glad you found me as well πŸ™‚

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  9. Came over from Ju-Lyn’s blog.
    Love your pictures of the flowers and birds. Like the bowerbird I love anything blue πŸ™‚
    Enjoy Spring, it’s my favourite season.

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  10. Like so may others, I am always amazed at the wildlife that lives around you. The bower? Interesting? And cool that you clearly know the habits of so many. When we lived in the woods, I enjoyed that as well.

    You always do a stellar job at catching the character of the birds you photograph too . And no, I did NOT scroll past all your crittery things, but I do love the little Joey. A nice September spring for you. Donna

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  11. Oh my goodness! All that wildlife visiting your garden, and at your window! It must be so thrilling each time you visit with them.

    I was thinking about your statement about lack of coloured skies & living in the bush … is it because skies are coloured due to pollution?

    What are those pink marshmallows? At first, I though it was an art installation; but reading your comment on it, I am thinking not.

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    1. Thanks Ju-Lyn πŸ˜€ no pollution here it is that I live in a forest and only glimpse sunrise and sunset through trees. Glad you found out a out the pink silage bales πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  12. I enjoyed all your photos, especially the birds. They seem quite exotic compared to what visits me in the US. Please tell me Tiny is your pet and he gets outdoor activity! What a devil.

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    1. Thanks Denny. Tiny is a wild bird who likes to hang around my place. He is smaller than other King Parrots so maybe he feels protected in my garden. He’s not here all the time as he is off with his partner. She doesn’t mind being here either. Tiny isn’t a pet, he’s a garden buddy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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      1. How wonderful that he ‘looks’ for you inside! I adore birds, have had a few, and also volunteered in a local bird sanctuary for a bit. They are magnificent creatures and so smart. I lure them to my house daily and enjoy seeing the long time families visit us.

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