Update to the previous post

Well if as magic, all my technical stuff has been resolved.. My landline is back after most of this month having a rest and my satellite internet is restored thanks to being on the phone (thanks landline) to get it fixed. If I use my mobile phone, I have to be outside to use the phone so can’t sit at my computer and do the stuff I have to try and fix things.
It was around 4:15 when I rang…….number 14 in the queue……around 5:30 I was on and by 6:15 all has been fixed.

I probably won’t go back in time and look at your posts so no likes or comments from me doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, it is just too hard. I only follow around 200 blogs but also find others associated with those…..and then there’s the 1,766 who follow my blog!!! How did that happen? I had no idea it had grown to there. There are a lot of commercial and promotional sites so I reckon there’s about 500 real people who somehow appreciate my shit.

I promise not to go back a week or so and have a photo challenge blitz. I shall start from fresh tomorrow or maybe a Cee’s FOTD and a Floral Friday

A while ago I was tending a neglected part of the garden, not hard to get to just I don’t get around there often. I suddenly can across this single Bottlebrush on a single small stick which has never flowered and has been there for ages. It has died in a couple of droughts and suddenly reappears. So I share with you a celebratory comeback for the Bottlebrush and me

I’m not doing well

This is the seventh day of no satellite connection but at least the power issues seemed to have resolved themselves. It looks like the satellite dish or something in the modem isn’t doing what it should. I tried to ring a couple of times to see if it could be resolved remotely but when you get “you are number twenty in line” and after at least ten minutes it moves to nineteen, my patience doesn’t cope.

The good news is my landline is now working after a couple of weeks after someone did a burn and managed to melt the cables to the exchange. Sitting on the phone is more comfortable than mobile phone so it can do whatever plus I can be at the computer if I need to.

All this means I can’t access my photos or do posts in a way I like, so my contribution to photo challenges will be limited. I find it hard to link as well. Maybe this will give me more practice is writing and adding photos to posts. My dropping into your sites will be limited too as I have to be outside to get reception.

In other news I have had my first Covid vaccination. The sneaky plan was to escape lock down and see my bestie as it was five weeks since we were able to get together. I didn’t want to be alone after the vaccination due to some of the publicity about after affects and she is my partner. Well lock down finished a couple of days beforehand so I was able to go anyway. I had my shot and all I have is my arm is a bit sore. She is booked in for her vaccination on Monday so I was going back up there to be with her and make sure she is OK. Well that plan is out the window. Her area is back in a seven day lock down because some idiot didn’t stay in the Sydney hot spot and bought Covid to her LGA. As I was there, I am under a stay at home order for seven days.

I’ll try to use my phone camera if I have the great urge to post as the withdrawal symptoms may prove to be too great. Hope to be back soonish 🤞😀

A view of the sunroom where posts are read. Also tried to use my tablet camera