I know what your phobia is so look away now

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday: Phobia

As usual a word of warning follows…….

You know I’ve got them
here on the screen
ready to make you scream
Some that slither
some that fly
some with many legs
hairy and slim
Who will bite?
Who will sting?
They await you
to make you sweat
tremor with terror
or shake like a leaf
Yes almost time
to peek through your fingers
if you dare
ready to scream
soon, here on the screen
You know I’ve got them.

The Phobia Gallery – not full size so you won’t faint with a surprise at the end

35 thoughts on “I know what your phobia is so look away now

  1. Brian–thank you so much for the warning!! I skimmed right past them. WP has booted you from my ‘following’ list, so I am following you again. Get it right, WordPress!!

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  2. You can’t beat out two years of Gypsy Moth caterpillars that stripped every hardwood tree in most of Massachusetts and parts of Connecticut OR the unbelievably HUGE wolf spider I found climbing up my screen door one morning. I didn’t even kill it. I just knocked it off the screen, but I think the birds killed it. I guess they thought it looked like dinner!

    I’m terrified of many insects, especially spiders — while Garry is terrified of snakes. Yet we manage to live in the country, recognizing that they live here too. But Garry got bitten by a brown recluse and was really sick for more than a month, so it turns out, it’s not that HUGE spider you need to fear. It’s the little one with the poison you need to worry about! We also have a fairly sizable collection of Black Widow spiders, just to keep things interesting.

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      1. Our apartment complex was invaded by bed bugs. Who knows how it travelled here and managed to crawl up to my penthouse. Not a happy place for everyone living here after 20 years

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