All Time Favourites

This is a sad post. The Daily Post, where a lot of people interact with words and photos is closing. I am hoping the Daily Post can keep going. It takes a lot of work to maintain such a fantastic blog site. Please please find a way of staying. I have found lots of people who do fantastic stuff and people have found my bit of the world as well.

Welcome to the final installment of the Weekly Photo Challenge. In wishing you a fond farewell, we wanted to share our all-time favorite photos with you. We welcome you to share your favorites with us. Happy photographic trails!

I think a slideshow would be the best way to dig out some of my favourites if I can decide which ones.

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Thank you Daily Post editors and contributors, it has been fun

Thursday Special: a bit more

Finding one photo was difficult so I have picked a few that were very challenging from my favourite photo challenge Pick a Word. What photos would you have chosen for these words. Have a look at everyone elses favourites for 2017 at Lost in Translation


170707_word_gaiety_rainbow lorikeets



jupiter najnajnoviji

Favourites of 2017

The Daily Post has asked for the Favourite photos of 2017

I have made a selection of my photos based on what you have liked using a combination of number of views and number of likes. Here is what you have chosen as your favourites of 2017 in random order.

170918_blog challenge_shoes
170817_blog challenge_alley_rovinja2

170823_blog challenge_small subjects_scarlet honeyeater 10

171012_blog challenge_scale_spider02

170613_blog challenge_unusual_fungi

171026_blog challenge_mask

2017-12-04 11.42.58.jpg

171017_blog challenge_bird_green catbird

Is your favourite photo here?