Life of a white Lilly Pilly flower

Number thirteen in the series of the life of flowers. I have already shown the red Lilly Pilly flowers life, now it’s the white version. The scientific name is Syzygium smithii

The white Lilly Pilly bush has flowered much later than the red Lilly Pilly bush. The birds and butterflies don’t seem to be attracted to the flowers and there isn’t much bee action either as the red variety. I haven’t checked for moths or micro bats at night. There is a few little bats flying a round the verandahs at night gathering insects the house lights attract.

Like everything, the flowers start as buds in clusters

The buds open at different times so there is always fresh flowers on the bush

A flower has started to emerge. Lots of filaments burst out to greet the sun.

The flower has drooped a bit and it looks like a beetle may be going in for a snack. There are the remnants of an old flower on the leaf below the new flower

The scary gold bum ant defending the bush from the camera. The ants are busy with the Pimple Psyllid, a sap sucking insect and causes the leaves to be covered in lumps. Ants often search for honeydew, which psyllids can produce. Ladybirds, spiders, wasps and small birds quite like to feed on the Pimple Psyllid.

This is what a Pimple Psyllid affected leaf looks like

The flower buds cluster opens

You can see how the staggered flower opening works with the older flowers dying while new flowers thrive.

The final stages. Nearly all of the filaments have gone and now the plant gets ready for the next stage.

The now gone flowers receptacles, on the lower left, are beginning to forming the berries

The Lilly Pilly bush, as well as wonderful flowers, also produces colourful, edible berries. Starting pale green before turning a wonderful shade of pink.

This lilly pilly has berries about the size of small marbles. I rarely get any as the birds are quick to get them during the day and Brush-tailed Possums and Micro Bats at night.

Although lilly pilly berries are edible and they can be eaten directly from the tree, the berries are quite tart, not very tasty and have spicy clove-like undertones. Mostly they are made into jams and chutneys.

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Life of a Crinum flower

I’ve lost track of the number in my series of the life of a flower so had to have a look. This one will be number ten, a Crinum, which has lots of common names – insert your local name here – it can be found growing along river banks around my part of Australia.

The flower begins life as a spear that comes up from the middle of the plant. Crinums are bulbs and like the soil to be moist a lot of the time. This time two spears are appearing.

Finally breaking free into gentle refreshing rain

Ready to unfurl in the morning sun

The spear has opened that more spears can appear, one by one the flowers take shape,

Finally all of the flowers have emerged into the sunshine

This is an over head. I am standing a few steps up to get it all in shot.

At last flowers have appeared. The ones from the second spear in the rear, are yet to open

They have lovely colours

I tried to get a photo of any insects who visit the flowers. Some tiny bees were there but I didn’t get a photo. But I did find that little spiders set up home

There are always flowers in the waiting

After a while they start to decline. They would be short lived vase flowers I think.

Still a few last lot of buds as more flowers sag

The browning off is the last. It is funny how quickly they go from here to actually gone. Crinums do drop from the stalk as quickly as they appear

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It’s a Splendor

The Ragtag Daily Prompt Monday: Splendour

A short story about my Splendor guitar.

The Splendor, semi-acoustic guitar, is the first guitar I bought with my hard earned money.

I worked in a factory on weekends while I was at school basically making toasters and electric jugs. After a while I was doing everything from unloading and the goods in dock in the rear lane, to loading the truck at the front loading dock. The worse job was in Summer, working on the top floor with just a tin roof above, doing the powder coating of the toaster bases and other stuff.

It was a huge oven over 3+ metres tall with rods attached at the side to a wheel and chain that rotated the rods up and into the burners. I had racks with magnets and I attached 6 bases to the rack, walk INTO THE OVEN a short way and hang the rack. Then take the next hot one out returning it over to cooling racks. Rinse and repeat for 8hrs. I used to work with my arms and torso out of my overalls. It was probably 40C up there. Wasn’t too bad on a frosty morning. There was always the company of the person putting indoor spiral TV aerials together. They looked similar to this one.

Hi-Q Aerials

By the end of my time there I was earning $20 a day. Pretty rich for a school kid. Back then petrol was probably about 30c a gallon, a pack of smoke was less than a dollar and a glass of beer in the pub was 20c for a schooner.

I paid $115.00 It still sounds so good and has so many variables, look at all the knobs and switches. I know nothing about the origins other than it was made in Japan in the 1970’s. I can’t find anything despite searching or maybe I’m not a good searcher.

Oh should add a colour photo as well

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I’m not doing well

This is the seventh day of no satellite connection but at least the power issues seemed to have resolved themselves. It looks like the satellite dish or something in the modem isn’t doing what it should. I tried to ring a couple of times to see if it could be resolved remotely but when you get “you are number twenty in line” and after at least ten minutes it moves to nineteen, my patience doesn’t cope.

The good news is my landline is now working after a couple of weeks after someone did a burn and managed to melt the cables to the exchange. Sitting on the phone is more comfortable than mobile phone so it can do whatever plus I can be at the computer if I need to.

All this means I can’t access my photos or do posts in a way I like, so my contribution to photo challenges will be limited. I find it hard to link as well. Maybe this will give me more practice is writing and adding photos to posts. My dropping into your sites will be limited too as I have to be outside to get reception.

In other news I have had my first Covid vaccination. The sneaky plan was to escape lock down and see my bestie as it was five weeks since we were able to get together. I didn’t want to be alone after the vaccination due to some of the publicity about after affects and she is my partner. Well lock down finished a couple of days beforehand so I was able to go anyway. I had my shot and all I have is my arm is a bit sore. She is booked in for her vaccination on Monday so I was going back up there to be with her and make sure she is OK. Well that plan is out the window. Her area is back in a seven day lock down because some idiot didn’t stay in the Sydney hot spot and bought Covid to her LGA. As I was there, I am under a stay at home order for seven days.

I’ll try to use my phone camera if I have the great urge to post as the withdrawal symptoms may prove to be too great. Hope to be back soonish 🤞😀

A view of the sunroom where posts are read. Also tried to use my tablet camera

This is June 2020

Well hello. Yes this is June 2020. A lot has happened at the end of June and early July which will be part of This Is July 2020…..eventually.

There’s quite a number of images which I am still trying to load to my site so I thought I’d get a bit of my blah blah out of the way. I wont be mixing like I do but the following photos will be in blocks with a particular theme I guess. I was thinking of leaving the update on the Joey until then end but those photos are loaded so lets bung them on now. That’ll get the cute out of the way so be ready to ahhh. Also get a cup of you favourite drink and a snack as you wade through what is my June 2020

As you can see Joey is growing up

This is a huge gallery of birds. Starting with a Black Kite

A Black-shouldered Kite hovering which they do as they hunt for prey

The Black Kite found the perfect perch to observe the goings on

The Yellow Robins were in the garden most of June

A classic Australian scene of a Kookaburra in an old gum tree

Blue-faced Honeyeaters will take on any pose to get a snack

The Cormorants knew when the fishers were sorting the catch

The Dusky Woodswallow was quite intent on something

The Satin Bowerbird is always looking for material to construct and make the Bower better

The Satin Bowerbird has bought lunch to his Bower hoping a female may be interested.

The Bower only has a few objects so maybe a female may not be interested unless she is hungry

The Rainbow Bee Eaters were in the garden swooping around the flowering plants

Rainbow Lorikeets love Eucalypt blossoms

The Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike found a good spot in the garden to watch what was going on

The young Gannets had a great time fishing

It’s time for a few flowers and assorted plant life This is a Leafless Globe Pea. I haven’t seen this plant on my place before and the fire has bout it to life I think

Then the flowers become pods

Then the dry and the seed can rattle around on the dried pod

OK fungi time. A bit of rain in June bought the fungi out as well

It was good to see tiny fungi rising from the ashes

Anothr new native plant bought to life after the fire

I am sure this is from my besties garden

This one as well

Life bursts forth from the trees. Eucalypt flowers are amazing.

Time for a mixed bag. The water in the harbour

You have seen this scene a few time over the past month.

I love the faces in the Bottle Trees

Who doesn’t love a bit of rust?

The old bloke smoking a pipe. Yes my bestie and I having fun on a walk

Looking through a prism. No where as good as Becky’s of Jez’s Lens Balls

A water drop high in a tree caught my eye

I love the world in a water drop

It’s time for a few insects. Nothing scary I promise even this spider is so tiny

The grasshopper was hoping I wouldn’t notice him on the steel beam

Everyone was attracted to the flower. I think they may be a type of Beefly

While the Bees were out in the garden collecting pollen. The pollen sacs are getting full.

I love finding spiders webs on the fence. This one was so tiny

The storm was approaching as we headed home. A shaft of light illuminated this farm house

Some days the clouds are just fabulous

Solitary Island in the early morning sea mist

Heading home to roost so I guess we better get ready to say good night as well

Our Moon is illuminating the way home. I hope to see you next month for another look into bushboys world

Before I go I should really give you one last chance to have a loving sigh

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Your choice

Patrick’s Pic and Word Challenge #229: Choices

Is this the way
They asked
It’s your choice
I replied.

We don’t know
They said
It’s your choice
I replied.
Right or left
They asked
It’s your choice
I replied.

What if we get lost
They said
It’s your choice
I replied.

We trust you
They said
It’s your choice
I replied.

Will you take us
they asked
It’s your choice
offering my hand.
street_art16_indigenous_named_toowoomba_jan 2019


Daily Diary

The Weekly Prompts Wednesday Challenge: Daily Diary

The past week, day by day

Day 1: the Red-necked Wallaby and her Joey in the pouch can for a bit of supplementary food in the morning
20200326_1_blog challenge_diary_red necked wallaby_joey_home_jackadgery
Day 2: I went to visit my daughter. Always have to open this gate on the road between two properties at Lilydale20200326_2_blog challenge_diary_gate_lilydale
Day 3: My bestie and I went for a drive in the countryside. Found this letter box20200326_3_blog challenge_diary_letter box_clarence valley

Day 4: We went for a walk to see how much of my place has recovered from the devastating fire in December. Growing among some burnt wood a tiny Sunflower showed it’s sunny face. It was probably dropped by a bird from the seed I was putting out for the birds when the place was a charred mess and not much food for the animals and birds.
20200326_4_blog challenge_diary_sunflower_durranbah
Day 5: The Caper White Butterflies have turned up on the usual migration. I am glad they like to stop over at my place to refuel before heading off again.20200326_5_blog challenge_diary_caper white butterflies_durranbah
Day 6: I had to go to town to get my car repaired. Keeping my social distance I walked around town taking a few photos. This looks like someone had a helper in the demolition of the front fence.20200326_6_blog challenge_diary_bricks_shovel_toy_grafton
Day 7: A female Satin Bower Bird came to have a look around the verandah. The photo was taken from my chair in my office through the glass door. It has to be a stealthy, quick shot as they sense the slightest movement and fly off lickerty split.20200326_7_blog challenge_diary_bower bird_female_step_durranbah

That was seven days from the daily diary.