A bit of orange

Kate’s Friday Fun: Orange

Let’s start with a bit of a song to get you in an orange mood

Mostly macro in this bunch of images
A tiny shiny orange fungi

Orange beak and legs, as Kate said, strolling along the beach

Orange eyes of a Brown Ringlet Butterfly

Orange Trumpet flowers are the Spring flowers here now

There is always the orange of a Honey Gem Grevillea flowering in the garden

The delicate orange of the Frangipanni

The wild orange of a Leopard Lily

The vibrant orange of a setting sun

My friend said to me “Nothing rhymes with orange!”
“No it doesn’t,” I said.

This is June 2020

Well hello. Yes this is June 2020. A lot has happened at the end of June and early July which will be part of This Is July 2020…..eventually.

There’s quite a number of images which I am still trying to load to my site so I thought I’d get a bit of my blah blah out of the way. I wont be mixing like I do but the following photos will be in blocks with a particular theme I guess. I was thinking of leaving the update on the Joey until then end but those photos are loaded so lets bung them on now. That’ll get the cute out of the way so be ready to ahhh. Also get a cup of you favourite drink and a snack as you wade through what is my June 2020

As you can see Joey is growing up

This is a huge gallery of birds. Starting with a Black Kite

A Black-shouldered Kite hovering which they do as they hunt for prey

The Black Kite found the perfect perch to observe the goings on

The Yellow Robins were in the garden most of June

A classic Australian scene of a Kookaburra in an old gum tree

Blue-faced Honeyeaters will take on any pose to get a snack

The Cormorants knew when the fishers were sorting the catch

The Dusky Woodswallow was quite intent on something

The Satin Bowerbird is always looking for material to construct and make the Bower better

The Satin Bowerbird has bought lunch to his Bower hoping a female may be interested.

The Bower only has a few objects so maybe a female may not be interested unless she is hungry

The Rainbow Bee Eaters were in the garden swooping around the flowering plants

Rainbow Lorikeets love Eucalypt blossoms

The Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike found a good spot in the garden to watch what was going on

The young Gannets had a great time fishing

It’s time for a few flowers and assorted plant life This is a Leafless Globe Pea. I haven’t seen this plant on my place before and the fire has bout it to life I think

Then the flowers become pods

Then the dry and the seed can rattle around on the dried pod

OK fungi time. A bit of rain in June bought the fungi out as well

It was good to see tiny fungi rising from the ashes

Anothr new native plant bought to life after the fire

I am sure this is from my besties garden

This one as well

Life bursts forth from the trees. Eucalypt flowers are amazing.

Time for a mixed bag. The water in the harbour

You have seen this scene a few time over the past month.

I love the faces in the Bottle Trees

Who doesn’t love a bit of rust?

The old bloke smoking a pipe. Yes my bestie and I having fun on a walk

Looking through a prism. No where as good as Becky’s of Jez’s Lens Balls

A water drop high in a tree caught my eye

I love the world in a water drop

It’s time for a few insects. Nothing scary I promise even this spider is so tiny

The grasshopper was hoping I wouldn’t notice him on the steel beam

Everyone was attracted to the flower. I think they may be a type of Beefly

While the Bees were out in the garden collecting pollen. The pollen sacs are getting full.

I love finding spiders webs on the fence. This one was so tiny

The storm was approaching as we headed home. A shaft of light illuminated this farm house

Some days the clouds are just fabulous

Solitary Island in the early morning sea mist

Heading home to roost so I guess we better get ready to say good night as well

Our Moon is illuminating the way home. I hope to see you next month for another look into bushboys world

Before I go I should really give you one last chance to have a loving sigh

Also for Su’s Changing Seasons

This is March 2020

Welcome to my March, a bit late I know but I had so many photos to get through it was quite daunting. I did manage to get the photos down a bit but as usual, there’s a bit of scrolling….ok a lot of scrolling but hey! What else do you have to do whilst in #Isolation or as sadly some of my lovely bloggers are, in #Lockdown. I just had to get this done so this post isn’t as cohesive as normal, I hope you won’t be disappointed.

OK my wonderful supportive friends and hopefully a few who haven’t dropped by and had a glimpse into bushboys world. Not as much to blah blah about so settle back with your usual cup of tea or coffee or if reading in the evening, perhaps it’s aperitivo time.

Maybe you would like a bit of music while you have a wander with me

As usual, let’s start in the morning where the welcome rain in the first part of March has led to some wonderful misty mornings.

fog_tree_caniaba_march 2020
I did venture to the Gibraltar Ranges to see the results of the huge fires that raged through there late last year. A big surprise was the emergence of the Tree Ferns.tree ferns_gibraltar range_named_march 2020
A bit of an adventure to Rocky Creek Dam I found these wonderful woof fungi.fungi_wood_named_rocky creek dam_march 2020
Back at my place, the rain and warm weather produced a few fungi. This little one was happy to pop up and say hello. fungi_garden_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
At my besties place at the garbage bins I found a frog.frog_bin_named_caniaba_march 2020
and in her garden the young Green Tree Frogs seemed to appear in the garden.green tree frog_garden_named_caniaba_march 2020
I am going to do a wrap up of the Red-necked Wallaby and her Joey. Here they were one morning, the little fellow just hanging casual.red necked wallaby_joey_garden_named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
Some March mornings were a bit cool. The Noisy Friarbird thought it was cool and fluffed up his “scarf”noisy friarbird_garden_named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
I have a bit of bird food left so every now and then I put a some out. “It’s breakfast!!” the King Parrots say as they swoop towards me.king parrots_flying_garden_named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
A thoughtful Kookaburra.kookaburra_named_rocky creek dam_march 2020
The noise that Sulpher-crested Cockatoos make when they fly in unmistakable.sulpher crested cockatoo_flying_named_rocky creek dam_march 2020
Meanwhile, a White-face Heron was on the lookout for a snack.white faced heron_named_grafton_march 2020
The Willie Wagtails have taken over the garden and are quite vocal when I go outside.willie wagtail_close_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
“Whose flower is this” the caterpillar asked the beebee_caterpillar_zinnia_flower_garden_named_caniaba_march 2020
It was lovely to see a Blue Tiger Butterfly when on a walk.blue tiger_butterfly_named_caniaba_march 2020
A Common Crow Butterfly was just hanging around the verandah for a while one morning.butterfly_common crow_garden_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
The proliferation of butterflies is amazing. I was amazed to see a Lrge Grass Yellow at my place. Not a regular visitor.,butterfly_large grass yellow_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
Lesser Wanderers are everywhere.butterfly_lesser wanderer_garden_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
I have been waiting for the Caper White Butterflies to arrive. This is a dark form female on a Pentas flower.caper white_butterfly_dark form female_pentas__named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
A Male wasn’t far behind.caper white_butterfly_male_pentas_named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
Caterpillars are always the result of lots of butterflies. This poor rose was a causality in my besties garden. caterpilla_rose_garden_named_caniaba_march 2020
The Lemon Migrants were the main butterfly last month so it only goes to show that their caterpillars were next to show.caterpillar_butterfly_lemon migrant_garden_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
The Common Crow caterpillar is very “Hey back off” lookingcaterpillar_common crow butterfly_garden_named_caniaba_march 2020
So is the hairy caterpillar who wanted to come on our picnic.caterpillar_hairy_named_rocky creek dam_march 2020
You can’t see me…..I am a stick.caterpillar_stick_garden_named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
The dragonfly was ready to take off.dragonfly_garden__named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
OK This is a prehistoric insect. A beetle I think.insect_garden_named_caniaba_march 2020
A common Line Blue Butterfly is so tiny as it sits on a Farmers Friend flower, some may know this weed as Cobblers Pegline blue_butterfly_named_caniaba_march 2020
It is unusual to find a Line Blue Butterfly with the wings open for a long time. This is the inner wings of the butterfly above.line blue_butterfly_wings open_named_caniaba_march 2020
Meadow Argus have arrived as well.meadow argus_garden_named_caniaba_march 2020
Back to prehistoric, this time a mothmoth_named_caniaba_march 2020
It was lovely to see a Scarlet Jezebel cruising around the garden. Pentas are wonderful flowers for attracting butterflies and bees.scarlet jezebel_butterfly_pentas_garden_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
As opposed to the Large Grass yellow, the Small Grass Yellow again on a Farmers Friend flower. They are the most common butterfly at my place at present.small grass yellow_butterfly_named_caniaba_march 2020
A Blue-bamded Bee was very bust buzzing around the blue Salvia flowers. He has quite a haul of pollen in his pollen baskets on his rear legs.blue banded bee_flying_salvia_flower_garden_named_caniaba_march 2020

OK  for those who dislike spider, even Daddy Long Legs, there are a couple of spiders coming up. Get you scroll fingers limbered up but do have a peek through your fingers covering your eyes.

A Daddy Long Legs is having a snack in my kitchen, best natural pest controls.spider_daddy longlegs_web_kitchen__named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
While outside, a Golden Orb Weaver seemed to just hang in the sky.spider_golden orb weaver_sky__named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020


Spiders over.
The Hibiscus had their best flowering for years. Another Caterpillar though so too.flower_hibiscus_red_caterpillar_garden_named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
The Native flowers around my garden and property are amazing. I think this is a Guinea flower with bonus water drops.flower_guinea_native_garden_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
A Native Hibiscus waits to unfurl and greet the day.flower_hibiscus_opening_named_caniaba_march 2020
A lovely Native flower with the unfortunate name of Mitre Weed.flower_mitre weed_garden_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
Native Wisteria was sending purple flowers skywardflower_native lilac_garden_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
This is a mouthful. A Leafy Purple Flag Wild Iris flower.
flower_native_leafy purple flag wild iris__named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
You have seen lots of the red Pentas, here is a lovely pink variety flowering in my garden.flower_pink_pentas_garden_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
The Leopard Lillies had a good flowering this year too.flower_leopard lily_garden_named_durranbah_home_jackadgery_march 2020
A Sarsaparilla flowering was lovely to see again with bonus water drops.flower_wisteria_water drops_garden_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
A Native flower with a Bee Fly.fly_flower_native_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020
This rose is called Chocolate. Such a wonderful colour.flower_rose_chocolate_garden_named_caniaba_march 2020
The sunset is quite pastel so time to get ready to go.sunset_named_caniaba_march 2020
Our wonderful Moonmoon_named_home_jackadgery_march 2020

I hope you enjoyed this quite long wander about bushboys world.

Also linked with Su’s Changing Seasons March 2020


Raspberry Lookout 1 March 2020

Raspberry Lookout. One of my favourite places to go and have a picnic and chill for a while. I have featured the lookout in past posts but never in a whole post.

We went from my place up the Gibraltar Range to see what had happened there since October 2019. The fires had burnt through there and eventually came down the mountains to my place. As it is a wonderful place to see, I could not bring myself to drive along the highway to Raspberry as the memories of such a special place for me would have had me in tears I reckon. Couldn’t go there anyway as the highway was closed until late January. The amount of very big trees that had burnt down and fallen across the road was amazing. They are still removing trees and fixing protective road barriers.

It has taken me until now to be able to write and show you the photos from the lookout. This is just Raspberry Lookout not the drive up or down the mountain. As they were working there wasn’t the opportunity to stop. I was very heartened by the recovery that had taken place so come on, lets have a look around Raspberry Lookout.

This is the view from Raspberry Lookout. You can see where the fires had been. Some parts of the countryside were patches of rainforestview_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
In case you were uncertain what to look for, here’s a bit of a close up. Usually this is lush forest and you cannot see the bare ground. Some of the gully lines contained species of rainforest plants. There weren’t many birds to be seen or hear. It was eerily silent.forest_burnt_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
This ridge line is showing signs of recovery. The ridge behind is what it will look like again.fire_scarred_trees_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
One of the first to appear after a fire are the fungi. There were a number of these tiny orange fungi dotted through the bush.fungi_small_orange_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
This fungus was sending a message of love and hopefungi_heart_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
The colours of the new foliage is amazing. From a burnt stump life springs forth.bush_leaves_new_fire_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
Everywhere flowers appeared. I must confess we did go over the fence and scramble about the gravelly soil looking around at the wonderful flowers and whatever else we found. Most of the flowers are quite small up to 15mm or half an inch.flower_yellow_small_native_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
This was the first flower I found as it was right beside the car when I opened the door.flower_pink_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
So many varieties of Pea Plants that seemed to grow out of the rocks.pea flower_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
Along with flowers come the insects. Not only bees pollinate flowers, wasps do as well.flower_purple_wasp_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
A Blue-banded Bee really enjoyed getting right into the flowerflower_purple_blue banded bee_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
A Teddy Bear Bee was moving from flower to flower quickly.bee_flying_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
Another wasp on a Billy Buttons flower. It was lovely to see small clumps of Billy Button flowers scattered throughout the lookout.flower_billy buttons_yellow_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
A wonderful find was a Nobbi sunning on a rock. This male has his breeding colours on. They are distantly related to Bearded Dragons. Not long after I took this shot he was off a great speed. When I looked in book to try and identify who he is, the book said that Nobbi’s run fast. Well they certainly do!nobbi_lizard_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
As there was a good amount of rainfall in February, the sound of water rushing was an unusual sound at the lookout. Normally you can’t see this waterfall cascading down the mountain and plunging into the stream below.waterfall_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020
I was so glad that this old tree stump survived the fire with a little bit of scorching. The “mouth” is the notch they cut with an axe to slot a board in and cut higher up the tree. It would take four or five people holding hands around the tree to gauge the size of this old beauty.  I would miss his spooky face when I head up the mountain from my place to Raspberry Lookout.tree_old_axe cut_named_raspberry lookout_march 2020

Thanks for coming with me and having a picnic at Raspberry Lookout.
The featured photo is from 2017

This is February 2020

February, a month of rain thankfully. The bush is coming back to life, the grass is growing and my garden is almost back. I will have to do a lot of pruning of the bushes and small trees where some limbs haven’t recovered from the drought.

A few minor muscle strains and sprains prevented my for doing as much as I wanted to do. This resulted in wandering around the garden chasing butterflies, walking around the place not going too far into the bush taking photos. Oh yes I did do a hard cull but still I have managed to have lots and lots of photos for February.

So settle back with you appropriate drink for your time of viewing, perhaps a snack or two is advisable and let’s get going to explore bushboys world.

As there has been moisture many mornings have had a fog or light mist. The Grass Trees on the distant hill, flower spikes at the ready in the foreground, emerging from the mist.

grass trees_fog_named_caniaba_feb 2020
A tree on the hill is usually the first to be seen.tree_mist_named_caniaba_feb 2020
The wet weather did induce a bit of cabin fever so we had to get out every now and then exploring the region. I love this old farm house. Though I should get a photo before it falls down or is demolished.old house_bentley_named_feb 2020
Meanwhile on the farm next door to my besties, the big white bull showing a bit of affection to one of the cows. He spent a bit of time licking her head and neck.bull_ cow_love_farm_named_caniaba_feb 2020
On the wall a tiny young skink patrolled in case something was available to snack on.copper headed skink_young_wall_named_caniaba_feb 2020
Undeterred, these two ants fought onants_wall_named_caniaba_feb 2020
One morning I was in the kitchen when I noticed a tiny insect walking about with the most enormous wings for an insect of this size.insect_wings_kitchen_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Satin Bowerbirds like blue things to decorate their bower where they dance in the hope of attracting a female bowerbird. I hope he isn’t trying to steal my bucket.satin bowerbird_bucket_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
While I was walking around, a female Satin Flycatcher kept and eye on mesatin flycatcher_female_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Superb Fairy Wrens are stunning little birdssuperb fairy wren_named_lismore lake_feb 2020
and Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos are stunning big birdsyellow tailed black cockatoo_pine tree_named_ramornie_feb 2020
We went to Lismore Lake to see if many birds were around. The Swifts were in huge numbers swooping about and getting ready to roost in a tree. I have never seen so many Swifts.swifts_tree_named_lismore lake_feb 2020
A Black Kite was patrolling the skiesblack kite_flying_named_caniaba_feb 2020
Meanwhile a bit of an excursion to the beach wasn’t the most welcoming by a Silver Gullsilver gull_flying_beach_named_evans head_feb 2020
A Masked Lapwing Plover had a bit of a stretch on the tidal flats.masked lapwing plover_beach_named_evans head_feb 2020
I love Sand Crabs and the artistry. I think this looks like a stingray.  sand crab_balls_art_named_evans head_feb 2020
The combination of wet and warm weather has bought out a variety of fungi. Tiny brown fungi with frilly capsfungi_brown_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
White fungi with frilly capsfungi_white_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Yellow fungi with frilly capsfungi_yellow_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The hint of a lot of water going to be about is when the ants build up the entrance to the nestant nest_tall_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020

“Hello…….is anyone home”
bullant_nest_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The Ponytail Palm flowers have the bees all a buzz and little beetles also like to get among the flowersbee_insect_ponytail palm_flower_named_caniaba_feb 2020
The Cassia flowers attracted all sorts of beesbee_cassia_flower_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
In the dying moments of floral decay the Carpenter Bees still came looking for the last drops of nectar and pollenbee_carpenter_cassia_flower_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The little Stngless native Bees found the Crepe Myrtle flowers irresistible crepe myrtle_flowers_stingless native bee_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The bush had many buds ready to burst forth.flower_crepe myrtle_bud_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The ants also visited the floral displayflower_crepe myrtle_ant_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Water drops and roses. I did resist posting lots morerose_red_flower_water drops_garden_named_caniaba_feb 2020

The Pennisetum Purple Fountain Grass flowered adding colour to the garden.
pennisetum_purple fountain grass_garden_named_caniaba_feb 2020
The Hibiscus flowering in February was magnificent. Not seen here for quite a few years.hibiscus_pink_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The miniature red Hibiscus looked wonderful adding bright spots of red in the garden.hibiscus_red_minature_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
This Hibiscus has never looked so good. The colours are amazing.flower_hibiscus_orange_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020

A wax leaf Begonia flowered all the time
begoina_wax_flower_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The Cats Whiskers in my garden came back to life. I thought they had died during the drought as I didn’t have enough water for all of the garden. The few waterings did keep them going though. cats whiskers_flower_garden_named_caniaba_feb 2020
The Cats Whiskers at my besties are much better.flower_cats whiskers_garden_named_caniaba_feb 2020
A red Eucalypt with the flowers and budseucalypt_red_flowers_nuts_garden_named_caniaba_feb 2020
The Bauhinia with a lots of flowers is a treat to look upon from the sunroom.flower_bauhinia_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
So many tiny native flowers have emerged. This little Blue Trumpet appeared from the ashesflower_blue trumpet_native_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The native Dianellas flowers are a splash of purple and yellow in the garden. Also known as a Flax-lilyflower_dianella_garden_named_caniaba_feb 2020

Another native flower I haven’t seen before also came out of the ashes.
flower_mitre weed_durranbah_native_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The Pandorea vine struggled to flower after the drought.pandorea flowers_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Ever so small and delicate about 10mm across this native flower seemed to be everywhere in February.white_flower_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The was a butterfly explosion everywhere once the rain came. All around the garden in February (and is still happening) hosts of yellow butterflies have been around the garden. They are all around the Cassia bush. One day I counted around fifty butterflies and that was just in the front garden. I think they are Lemon Migrants. This is definitely a Yellow Migrant of the Pentas flower. lemon migrant_butterfly_pentas_flower_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The butterflies love the Pentas flowers. Orchard Swallowtails drop in every now and then.butterfly_orchard swallowtail_pentas_flower_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Another little native flower that has appeared in the garden. I didn’t notice the Crab Spider until I was getting the photos ready for this post. The flower is about 15 to 20mm so how tiny is the spider!spider_crab_flower_native_small_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
A Water Strider making his way across the dam.watr strider_pool_garden_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
While the Dragnflies hovered about, some resting on branches on the edge of the damdragonfly_blue_dam_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
or finding small twigs to restdragonfly_green_dam_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
I don’t know who or what was in the dam. I just saw the ripples and bubbles. It could have been a Long-necked Tortoise.water_bubble_dam_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
On the house dam, a float holds the foot valve for the pump out of the muddy bottom of the damfloat_ball_dam_reflection_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
More reflections. This time the boats in the marina at Evans Headreflection_boats_water_named_evans head_feb 2020
Water drops on the leaf. One of my favourite subjects to capture.water drops_leaf_named_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
It’s getting late. The afternoon clouds are building so a storm looked in the offing clouds_named_caniaba_feb 2020
The moon made a dramatic entrance when full one eveningfull moon_tree_cloud_named_caniaba_feb 2020

So there was My February. Thanks for hanging in to the end.

Also for Su’s Changing Seasons February 2020

The proceeds of rain and hot weather

Kate’s Friday Fun: Fungi

A bit of a walk around today and I found a few fungi that have popped up.

A cup shaped one that I haven’t seen on my place before
20200218_blog challenge_fungi_yellow_brown_dish
A little brown fungi that has appeared in quite a number of blogs over the years20200218_blog challenge_fungi_brown_small
A bright yellow fungi that popped up in a plant pot on the verandah over the weekend. A Leucocoprinus birnbaumii20200218_blog challenge_fungi_yellow_pot

Durranbah – Fire Recovery part1

I have been out and about but not far into the bush as there are limbs falling and the ground is quite wet now so some burnt trees could still topple. These are in the area around the house. This area was just burnt ground with some blackened timber. The unburnt leaves have fallen since the fire went through on the 6th December.

Some of the plants I know what they are and have named. I am going cross-eyed trying to find all the plants in my books. Many of the flowers are small some up to 10mm or half an inch. There is quite a few photos.

The start of a Native Wisteria emerging from the soilplant_native wisteria_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Fungi were the first plants to appear. The Finger Fungi is small and struggling. There’s a bit of Lichen too.fungi_finger_small_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The Golden Lily is showing as bright dots of yellow through the bush. The flowers are 20 to 40mm and in places they are in clumps of flowers. There are about five buds waiting to open herenative flower_golden lily_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020

The Lomandras are in clumps or individual plants and all are flowering
native flower_lomandra1_clump_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020

The Lomandra flowers are tiny balls on a tall spike emerging from the tough strappy leaves
native flower_lomandra2_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
A different Lomandra.native flower_lomandra3_blueish_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Not sure what this plant isplant_growth1_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
A small group of plantsplants_growth2_clump_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
I should know what this plant is but cannot remembernative flower_unknown_clump_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Some plants emerge from the roots that survived the fire. This could be a shrub to small tree a Cheese Tree possibly.plant_growth2_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
The growth surrounding the burnt trunk. A lot of Australian plants start life red then turn green as they mature.tree_growth1_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Another hardy Eucalypt grows. They are fire hardy plants and there is a sort of root, a lignotuber at the base of the tree that conserves energy and when it’s time, the tree will commence growing. Many species can re-sprout from buds under their bark.plant_growth_eucalypt1_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Another tiny flower. These are on slender stalks and in clumps of tiny white flowers. native_flower_white_tall_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
This is a ground cover that spreads along the forest floor. Bright dots of purple catch your eye.native_flower_purple_ground cover_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
These yellow flowers are ones the Native Stingless Bees love. Again around 10mm across.native flower_yellow_tall_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Almost a clover like flower but opens up as you can see in the backgroundnative flower_white_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
There are lots of these purple flowers on tall spikes and multiple flowers.native flower_purple_tall_cluster_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
I think this may belong to the pea family. So pretty with many flowers along the stalknative flower_purple_pea_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
Lots of clumps of these flowers and bees buzzing around.native flower_pink_yellow_fringe_bee_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020
A close-up of the flowers in the above clump.native flower_pink_yellow_fringe_fire_recovery_home_jackadgery_feb 2020

If anyone knows the names of any of the flowers or plants please let me know.