Black and white in the field

The Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Black and White

Following Sue’s lead with her post, I too have opted for some black and white found around the place.

My besties cattle she used to have before it was too hard to keep them at home. This was one morning when a neighbour rang to say that Jeremy and Badger were at his place. This is them finally going back through the gate into their paddock.

Badger chilling looking so innocent.

The neighbours dairy cows coming in for milking

A random inquisitive cow

Thursdays Special: Pick-a-word in November

It’s time again to delve through my photos for the wonderful photo challenge from Lost in Translation, Pick a Word. Five words, five photos. Do you think they match?






More Fun-loving

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Droving on a Sunday morning

The plan for the day was set on Saturday when the bloke down the road rang Kim and said the “boys” were locked up in his holding yard after they decided to take a wander to discover what was on the other side of the fence.

So we set off to walk them up the road to the home paddock. The neighbour said he would help, so I stayed at the home paddock gate to make sure they didn’t keep going and head off down the road.


They should be coming any minute……..


Here they come.


“Blimey,” Badger said “its a long way to walk especially uphill!!!”


Of course they didn’t want to go in the right direction…..the garden next door looks like it may need a bit of a trim.


But being the good lads, they kept on walking up the road. At one point it looked like they were going to veer left and try to get past me, but a stern look and a wave of a stick, they trotted in through the gate. Home at last.