Black and white in the field

The Weekly Prompts Colour Challenge: Black and White

Following Sue’s lead with her post, I too have opted for some black and white found around the place.

My besties cattle she used to have before it was too hard to keep them at home. This was one morning when a neighbour rang to say that Jeremy and Badger were at his place. This is them finally going back through the gate into their paddock.

Badger chilling looking so innocent.

The neighbours dairy cows coming in for milking

A random inquisitive cow

19 thoughts on “Black and white in the field

  1. Love the mixed bunch, and the photo resembles an oil painting – but the Belted Galloway remain my favourites.
    Foxes and now cows! What shall we do next week?😂

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    1. Thank you Sue. You have given me another idea. May post when I have time but won’t be soon. Yes that’s right, supply another prompt that will work for me 😀 😀
      Belted Galloways are my favourites along with Jerseys 🙂 🙂

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