I bake bread

It’s time to join Su for a cuppa

Yes as we have found so many people are concerned about Corona Virus or Covid 19. Being in a rural location the chance of infection are slim but we are a tourist destination so I don’t think we will be welcoming tourists with open arms just yet.

I am fine as I am isolated, in a way, where I live. My neighbours and I are well used to social distancing. The closest neighbour is about 200 meters away!! I still go to town, not overly cautious and don’t listen to the town gossip. The shelves are devoid of many items but as I have a well stocked pantry anyway due to the distance I live from town I just go for fresh vegetables and fruit, meat and meat in food items. Other than that it is other shops that supply things I need for around the place or for doing stuff in the shed.

Enough of that, let’s get down to why we are here.

As you may have gathered being a fair distance from town, I bake my own bread. I made this earlier in anticipation of Su inviting us for a cuppa.

20200317_blog challenge_afternoon tea_bread1
I hope you don’t mind if I have cut a slice20200317_blog challenge_afternoon tea_bread2
I do enjoy butter on my bread. I hope you don’t mind that I have buttered the bread already. What would you like on your slice of bread?20200317_blog challenge_afternoon tea_bread3
In case the bread didn’t come out on time for a cuppa, here is some croissants and coffee with some jam or marmalade.20200317_blog challenge_afternoon tea_croissant_coffee

Thanks Su for the invite, I am enjoying myself and can’t wait for other to join us