I’m going to Su’s

Time to get ready for Su’s virtual afternoon tea

I shall add my bit from Australia for Su as she said “As it’s te wiki o te reo Māori (Māori language week) in Aotearoa New Zealand, I’m challenging myself to improve my te reo (language) skills wherever I can.”

Kia ora
“Whatever we call it though, there is ti in the pot; te mīhini kawhe (the coffee machine) is at the ready and although the kai (food) is simple, there’s plenty to fill your puku (stomach).”

Here is my contribution – I have used te mīhini kawhe and made a cup and also have mongamonga keke

So haere mai ki te hono atu ki a Su me etahi atu. Nau mai te katoa. So come along and join Su and everyone else. Everyone is welcome

Time for afternoon tea

The invitation has been sent out so come on in and enjoy afternoon tea so it’s time to get ready. Su has put the kettle on so let’s get over to Su’s place for our blogshpere afternoon tea

I am doing well in my isolation as I am isolated most of the time out here in the Australian bush. Plenty to do to pass the time, never bored or lonely.

Last afternoon tea mention was made of an Aussie/NZ afternoon tea specialty, especially for kids and those kids at heart, the fabulous Fairy Bread. I was asked to make some for this weeks afternoon tea. Hope you are ready to enjoy a taste treat.

20200416_blog challenge_afternoon tea_fairy bread (1)

20200416_blog challenge_afternoon tea_fairy bread (2)

I didn’t make my Fairy Bread true to tradition as I don’t have soft white bread here, mine is made on sourdough, a bit hipster but there you go.

I hope the sugar hit isn’t too much


I bake bread

It’s time to join Su for a cuppa

Yes as we have found so many people are concerned about Corona Virus or Covid 19. Being in a rural location the chance of infection are slim but we are a tourist destination so I don’t think we will be welcoming tourists with open arms just yet.

I am fine as I am isolated, in a way, where I live. My neighbours and I are well used to social distancing. The closest neighbour is about 200 meters away!! I still go to town, not overly cautious and don’t listen to the town gossip. The shelves are devoid of many items but as I have a well stocked pantry anyway due to the distance I live from town I just go for fresh vegetables and fruit, meat and meat in food items. Other than that it is other shops that supply things I need for around the place or for doing stuff in the shed.

Enough of that, let’s get down to why we are here.

As you may have gathered being a fair distance from town, I bake my own bread. I made this earlier in anticipation of Su inviting us for a cuppa.

20200317_blog challenge_afternoon tea_bread1
I hope you don’t mind if I have cut a slice20200317_blog challenge_afternoon tea_bread2
I do enjoy butter on my bread. I hope you don’t mind that I have buttered the bread already. What would you like on your slice of bread?20200317_blog challenge_afternoon tea_bread3
In case the bread didn’t come out on time for a cuppa, here is some croissants and coffee with some jam or marmalade.20200317_blog challenge_afternoon tea_croissant_coffee

Thanks Su for the invite, I am enjoying myself and can’t wait for other to join us