Last on the Card – April 2023

Last Photo for April 2023

Everyone who contributes their good and not so good photos has fun I hope. I enjoy seeing your photos. Thanks to those being brave enough to show everyone your last photo for the month in its naked glory.
It doesn’t have to be on the very last day of the month if you didn’t take any photos. Maybe it was earlier in the month when the last photo was taken.

So let’s see what you have for April 2023

The rules are simple:
1. Post the last photo on your SD card or last photo on your phone for the 30th April or whenever your last photo was taken.
2. No editing – who cares if it is out of focus, not framed as you would like or the subject matter didn’t cooperate.
3. You don’t have to have any explanations, just the photo will do
4. Create a Pingback to this post or link in the comments
5. Use the tags The Last Photo and #LastOnTheCard

Here’s mine. Last month an unintentional floral theme, this month, an insect leaning.

From my Samsung Galaxy S9

From my Canon PowerShot SX70HS

From my Canon EOS 1300D

91 thoughts on “Last on the Card – April 2023

    1. That is a wonderful carving, pity about the damage. I hope they keep it and as much of the old as possible. I like stone work. I used to live near a cemetery and there was about four monumental masons in the nearby streets. They created some wonderful works.
      Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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    1. I use three devices that’s why I have three Last Photos 🙂
      It is from an art exhibition and I think it is a Dragonfly. I’ll have to go back and have another look at the works


      1. I have four cameras including my phone but too lazy to pull them out. The phone is so easy. Actually, I still have my 2 old film cameras as well! I wonder if anyone wants them anymore except for museums? They are lovely Canons with extra big lenses..But too heavy to carry around anymore. I’m spoiled.

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        1. You are. I found with my old film cameras and lenses that they have mould in them and costs a lot to have them cleaned properly


    1. Didn’t it! My early Autumn was more like Summer and now it is only starting to get cold at night but the days are just perfect sunny and warm 🙂


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