At home at night

Johns Cellpic Sunday

Seeing the successful reaction from people for my night scene at the marina, I thought I would give another one a showing. Another surprise from my phones camera.

This is my home, just a few lights and the moon. The surprise for me were the stars. The photo has not been altered or enhanced.

Art in Toowoomba

Lens-Artists Challenge #249: Art in the Park (and other places)

A few bits and pieces from a recent trip to my daughters place in Toowoomba in Queensland

This face is just one of many in a group. Maybe they represent local identities

A bit of fun in the park. Maybe he could stick his head through a hole

Some of the street art is rather large

Toowoomba has a Japanese connection
“A formal sister city agreement between Toowoomba and Takatsuki was officially established on November 13, 1991. The Declaration of Friendship agrees to deepen the relationship through mutually beneficial exchanges in the educational, cultural, sporting and commercial arenas.”
There is a Japanese Botanical Garden that has featured in past posts.

And some of the street art is rather small

Many sculptures are scattered throughout the city. In one section of a park is a First Nations exhibition area. The local people have made some fabulous sculptures.

There is also more modern pieces. Toowoomba has a floral festival every year and these flower sculptures are dotted around Civic Park.

A memorial for “Puppy”, the mascot for the Toowoomba Thistle Pipe Band from 1948 to 1958