Trees – here and there

Denzils Nature Photo Challenge #12: Trees

I’ll start at my place. I enjoy waking up to a fog in the forest

One of the many giants on my place. This one is an Apple Gum. They are quite sculptural trees.

As you turn onto my street, you are greeted by one of the Guardians. Ironbark trees like this one are dotted all along the road. I have several on my place that are one of the reasons I decided to buy.

Going to pop into Grafton for a couple of my favourite trees. The first is a Bottle Tree. This street is lined with Bottle Trees planted in the 1970’s

The all time favourite and a wonderful street tree, a White Fig

Couldn’t be in Grafton and not show Jacaranda Trees

This street is also known as Fig Tree Avenue. On a hot day being under this colonnade of trees is a bit cooler

Getting out of town for a couple of more favourites starting with natures resilience. At one time the tree was used as a fence post and it just grew around the fencing wire

The unusual (note, three U’s Janet) Grass Trees. Grass Trees grow about an inch a year. Under the skirt, the narrow trunk is the preferred home for some species of Carpenter Bees. The long spears are flowers, thousands of tiny flowers. I have Grass Trees on my place that grow in the bottoms and sides of the gullies