This Weeks Spam – 22 May

Fandangos Spam Comment of the Week – Week 20 2023

Hello once again my fellow enjoyers of the delights of the spam I find. This weeks lot are a bit varied so lets have a look shall we?

  • First is bmplepe from who commented on my post Windows with character

“[url=]Игровой клуб «Вулкан»: краткий обзор[/url] или”

Not much of a comment but a great website with all my beauty and travel tips in Russian and perhaps they enjoy looking through other peoples windows

  • Then Treasure Of Nadia v83051 Part 236 Perfect Ass By LoveSkySan69 turned up with a bit of a p0rn0 site on cmmc_logo Yes our Cee’s CMMC logo seems to take a bit of a battering of late. But to comment on a logo with

“Hello mates, how iss everything, and whwt yoou desire to say
concerning this article, in myy view its genuinely remarkablle designned for me.”

That’s what you get when you ask a robot to write your incisive comment especially on a logo that is “genuinely remarkablle designned” Well done Cee I did have a quick look at the home page link and all of the pictures for the videos are are AI generated. Robots making robots or hopefully practicing safe sex.

I thought about a quick look but it didn’t load in three seconds so away I went. I bet it was a gambling site.

  • Abrahams mate yashar sharifi also commented on my post This Weeks Spam – 1 May using the same webite and nothing more that trying to get me into “zonerama”


  • Now this is perplexing from amir john from who commented on my post The shop with

“The rise in sales of hoodies indicates their popularity in recent years.”

I must agree, but blimey amir john, if you have a website that sells hoodies, it is better to actually have hoodies on sale not a blank website

  • My girth must be getting around (get it 😂) for a comment from Keto Queen Recipes from She popped onto my post Last on the Card – April 2023 with a positive comment and the chance to get a free recipe book of her friends if I click on the link

“great post – thanks !!”

Also giving me the option of “Download 50 Amazing Keto Recipes –>”

  • Another lover of Cee’s CMMC logo is sony (I am sure that is some sort of copyright infringement) who is from which gives you all the news you need to know from Sony but is in Japanese, I think. The comment on cmmc_logo?

“I am curious too find out wnat bloog platform you have bee
using? I’m eexperiencing some minr security problems with my lqtest website
andd I’d likke to find something more safe. Do you have any suggestions?”

Ah my robot friend I bee using WP and don’t seem to eexperiencing some minr security problems on my bloog. I would like to reply but I am sure I would get a……

  • I was going to write at the end of this post that the blocking of those blasted Pomeranians had worked. Think again as just now the TheDogGod sent me a comment on The Gumbaynggirr dancers that I not long ago posted.
    You would never guess the comment –

“Loved this post – heress my feedback –

Thanks for reading , Love The Blog !!
Please check out my new blog for all things Dog –”

What is the use of blocking!!! I saw that one of the others, Jason, has followed me so I wonder if I have to stop him from following to see if that breaks the vicious circle. FOR THE LAST TIME, I DON’T WANT A FRIGGIN’ POMERANIAN PUPPY

The Gumbaynggirr dancers

Johns Cellpic Sunday

Last week I attended the NSW State Landcare Conference in Coffs Harbour, a city just south of my place. On the first day there was First Nations cultural awareness with some local Gumbaynggirr language “lessons”, a smoking ceremony, which is a welcome to Country and in the evening we were treated to some traditional singing and dancing from school students

The Gumbaynggirr peoples region also includes Grafton, my closest city. There was a map and my place is in an area which is a in two tribal areas, the Gumbaynggirr people and the Bundjalung people. This would be where they transversed the landscape looking for food in times of drought and also meeting places to trade goods.

A bit about Landcare

The many Landcare organisations throughout Australia with over 6,000 groups and 100,000+ volunteers with diverse projects that are focused on sustainable land management practices and environmental conservation and restoration.

This is the Landcare NSW page

Another collection

Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: Ties

Here’s a fun fact about me you didn’t know, I collect ties. When I worked in an office I wore a tie almost every day. We won’t talk about the shirts (three quarters of a double wardrobe), we are here to talk about ties. I have around 65 ties of varying colours, patterns and materials from linen to silk, from plain to paisley, all are pre 1980.

The mostly plain coloured ties

The ones with patterns. The brown paisley patterned one in the middle is the first tie I bought. The ties on the left hand side are my old Primary School (blue and white) and High School (maroon, blue and white) ties.

Here is the whole sixty-five together with the only novelty tie I have. It was a present as I am not a fan of novelty ties

This is my “tie pin” I used to wear at High School in the senior year

I still have a look at the tie section in Op-shops to see if there are any ties from the 70’s and before. Vintage silk ties like Gucci can be from $170 and Mangus Paisley Silk Ties can fetch $275.00. Of course vintage polyester ties are around $15 but scouring Op-shops, ties can be bought from .50c to $2.00 so a quick check of the label may reap rewards.

5 Minutes Ago – 21 May

Hammads Weekend Sky #101
Lens Artists Challenge #250: Skyscapes or Cloudscapes

Again I have had no luck in getting a wonderful sunrise for Weekend Skies so I have decided to do a double-dip and look at some of my older cloudy skies. You may wonder about the title. I have used this same title, just changed the date since I started with Hammads photo challenge ages ago.

“Clouds in the sky very much resembles the thoughts in our minds! Both changes perpetually from one second to another!”

– Mehmet Murat ildan

OK I think I have an idea of what I want to post so lets have a scroll

Red dragons

Debbies One Word Sunday: Red

A variety of red dragons, some that are in the garden, some to eat, some that fly. but all are dragons

A song from a Aotearoa/New Zealand band, Split Enz, a precursor to Crowded House with Neil Finn singing and now he has a gig with Fleetwood Mac