5 Minutes Ago – 13 May

Hammads Weekend Sky #100

I took these photos early this morning. When I looked at my WP site’s Reader, the first post I saw Weekend Sky and then noted it was number one hundred. I didn’t think that this mornings sky was special enough for #100.

I had a look at todays photo downloads and then reconsidered. This mornings sky was a bit special.

Looking east. A glow just beginning. I like the graduated effect.

Here is the direction the sunrise is at the moment, more north-east as winter gets closer

The regular sun in the tree tops photo but the sun isn’t up far enough this morning. But wait, what’s that?

The Moon is still up so I reckon that is special. I don’t think I have ever had a Moon and sunrise photo for Weekend Sky before either

If you are wondering about the title, I started doing photos from the same spot a couple of years ago and that was how it was. For my convenience I call the posts all the same start, just add the days date.
It’s almost eighteen hours since I took the photos 😁