This Weeks Spam – 1 May

Fandangos Spam Comment of the Week – Week 17 2023

Well my spam fans a bit of a mixed bag plus the return of a few favourites. Maybe get a cup of tea for the morning readers and something stronger to fortify those reading in the evening.

  • Let’s start with EvansWarutere from who has returned with a comment on An op-shop find with the simple message of – “Owesome” Perhaps I have been harsh and he is really trying but as a budding journalist, it’s a worry for the state of writing in this world. Also this was the exact comment from last time.
  • Another repeat commenter is Dilranga Perera from who sent a great comment on my post Still life observations with the longest post address EVER “”
    I would like to get interact with him/her with a bit of what I seem to think is a site devoted to Bollywood but have no idea how to read the script and there isn’t a translate button.
  • A new commenter is Carma Parenteau from Speed%20SEO%20Net who commented on my post handle_orange_margaret olley_house_tweed art gallery_murwillumbah_july 2014 Yes a comment on a photo “Hi there
    If you ever need Negative SEO or a de-rank strategy, you can hire us”
    What is all that about? Well for between $79 – $500 they will – “Do you have competitors that don`t play fair in terms of SEO? Then why should you? Hire us and we`ll do a negative SEO campaign and destroy your competition by building the worse possible backlinks towards their sites and keywords.”
    Ahh look internet arseholes
  • This is the longest comment from Miriam Wertheim from who commented on my About page
    “Dear team, (Yay I have a team) Advanced URL Shortener has 90% discount with this coupon code: SAVE90 (Yay a discount coupon) Visit now: (Hang ona sec, that’s a different website to the one in the title) Lifetime package form one month price of Bitly. the ultimate solution for all your link management needs! Better than bitly, linktree, rebrandly. Say goodbye to cluttered and confusing URL links, and say hello to neat, professional, and trackable links. There is another half a page of what they can do and other stuff. “You can also use our CTA overlays to encourage your visitors to take a specific action, such as signing up for your newsletter, filling out a contact form, or taking a poll. Skyrocket your marketing performance.”
    Looks like everyone wants to make my market performance better by making short URLs, I should refer Dilranga (above), and killing off my rivals thanks Carma
  • Still with me after that exhaustive analysis so far. Now we have abel acosta who is not from anywhere really, as the address link was, who commented on This Weeks Spam – 10 April with just a link to the home page
    Well I feel like I have been acosta’d
  • This is where it gets interesting. Last week I wasn’t sure where an AI or person wrote a comment as it seemed a bit sus to me.
    Well Jason Lawrence who hails from turned up again to comment on my post The third largest bird in Australia with
    “Hey there! We absolutely love reading people’s blogs and the inspiring content that creators like you publish. Your unique perspective enriches the engaging online community that we all cherish . Keep writing and inspiring your audience, because your words can make a positive impact on the world. We can’t wait to read what you’ll share next!
    Thanks – pomeranianpoppa”
    I don’t want a Pomeranian puppy to start with, cute as they are. What makes me think that’s it AI? Perhaps it’s the “unique perspective” – it’s a post with photos of Pelicans FFS!! Then there the “your words can make a positive impact on the world” again not many words but the word Pelican was repeated a few times? If they can’t wait to see what I’ll share next, they haven’t returned, not even a like to any of the last posts since.
  • Now, this is where it gets more interesting.
    A comment from Array (Is this WP speak for anonymous commenters as I have had a few with this “name” recently. Even some from people I follow and they repeat of what they said as Array. This is a comment that you think has disappeared turns up as Array on a post)
    He is from and commented on my post From behind with
    “We adore reading your blog! Your unconventional perspective and authentic voice make a difference in the world. Keep creating, because your ideas matter. Thank you for being you!
    Thanks – TheDogGod”
    OK you may be asking why it is interesting? His website address will take you to the Pomeranian puppies website just as the above does. I have not clicked on any of the cute puppy photos as you never know what’s behind a front page. Although his comment is true 😂😂

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  1. Oh I also got the same stuff from pomeranianpuppies! There was also similar stuff from another dog related site but somehow I cannot find it anymore in my spam comments. I am wondering now where did it go. What I am curious about is this “rosdahal”. Did you also see something from that one? The site says “reblogger” – so basically just copying other people’s posts. Looks like a bot to me which searches for some keywords. Another one I found in my spam folder is from “”. Any idea?

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    1. So far this week I now have three puppy comments from different people but the same as last week.
      I don’t mind that re-blogger site, there’s a few who pop up every now and then. I haven’t checked to see if they leave a trojan or whatever if you click on a link. That climatecake would be a disaster to open. Could be anything from more pomeranian puppies to a p0rn site. Do a copy and paste it into google or whatever you use and see what it brings up

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