Part door

Dans Thursday Doors

I found a small cottage that was recently renovated by the looks of it, probably for selling. I love the colours of the shrubs and the house with the white pompoms. I don’t think many people use the front gate. I think it looks like it may be a very nice wrought iron gate too. Maybe the garden was done by a landscapers for the sale and these residents have inherited a garden and aren’t gardeners.

I found some purple

Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge May: Imperial Purple Colour

A selection of old and new purples

Flowers of a Blue Mist plant

Hibiscus flower

A lamp shade

Steampunk hats for sale at the markets

It’s just a purple snail going up the side of a building

Deep inside of a Torenia flower. Also called a Wishbone flower

Water Lilies

One of my favourite Iris flowers


A bit of playing with colour layering