Yellows around here

Denzils Nature Photo Challenge #11: Yellow

Who’s looking at you? A Yellow-tufted Honeyeater on a Yamba Gold Grevillea

Yellow wood fungi

Yellow Banksia

Some of my favourite native flowers – Paper Daisies

Large Grass Yellow Butterfly

Water Lily flower

Another yellow fungi – Leucocoprinus birnbaumii

Little Yellow Buttons an Australian native flower

A Small Grass Yellow Butterfly

A possibly Blue Skimmer Dragonfly female

Everyones favourite, an Eastern Yellow Robin

Feathers and flowers

Cee’s Midweek madness Challenge: May Close-up or Macro

A tiny Skipper Butterfly on Purple Basil flowers

Getting close with a Cats Whiskers flower

The centre of an Apricot Brandy Hibiscus flower

A tiny orchid, Epidrum secundum.

The beautiful feathers of a Lace Wyandotte hen

From here and back

Terri’s Sunday Stills: Views from the Road

A quick trip around the neighbourhood plus a few extras, items of interest perhaps

I know it seems like a long way but it won’t take long to get around, most of the day probably.

Further along is the little bridge that has taken lots of punishment over the years. Huge trucks go across it, it goes well under water in a flood and big holes “grow” either side so don’t whizz down the hill.

Yes there may be cattle ahead as a lot of you would know. Luckily they grow up on the roadside and are car smart. Sometimes a belligerent cow will just stand until she is ready to move sometimes driving closer works other times you might get a kick or a spin around and glare before humphing off the road.

Mostly they are nice – I know a gratuitous cow picture

Of course if you have cattle, you have a set of ramps to help load the cattle onto or off a truck

This is where we deviate to a few kilometers away. Every now and then, memorials appear for all sorts of reasons. Older ones such as this one marking the possible whereabouts of the graves of James Stocks two wives who died within four years of each other in the 1870’s
Many of the newer memorials are at the scene of a motor vehicle accidents now.

At the top of the range above my place in the afternoon

The road back home. This is an old photo when the Wattles are flowering in August. My place is on the left, drive under the Lemon Scented Tea Trees